April 29, 2003

No Money - No Court

No, this does not mean that if you are short of funds, you can skip your court date.* It means that the courts are facing such a budgetary crisis that many of them cannot afford to stay open. This story by Associated Press Writer, William McCall, discusses how the slow national economic situation is beginning to be felt in the justice system, from the courts to the law enforcement agencies. I loved this line: "In Texas, where lawmakers face a $1.8 billion shortfall, the chief justice has proposed a constitutional amendment to cut two of the nine justices on the state Supreme Court to save money." I am just wondering if when the Amendment comes around on the ballot, if we are allowed to decide to which two of the nine we get to give the axe.

*However, being they are hurting for money, some prosecutors might be amenable to making some pretty sweet deals in exchange for a bit of immediate cash influx for the government coffers.

Posted by Tiger at April 29, 2003 04:31 PM