April 30, 2003

Politics as usual in Alabama?

There is a ban on sex toys in Alabama. There has been a ban on sex toys in Alabama, and a Federal District Court ruled the law to be unconstitutional, but the 11th Circuit oveturned that ruling. Again, the District court ruled the law was unconstitutional, and all await the 11th Circuit's ruling on the pending appeal of that decision. One Alabama legislator, Rep. John Rogers, D-Birmingham, proposed a bill to remove the ban on sex toys from the Alabama obsenity statute. He argued that the obscenity law is unenforceable as long as it contains the ban on sex toys. The Legislature did not agree and voted 37-28 to continue the ban. Said Rep. Rogers, loudly, following the vote, "What you just did is make our obscenity law illegal. You voted for obscenity."

I might have to check a bit further into this matter. These variables do not necessary establish Rep. Rogers conclusions.

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Howdy -- his link goes to political forum website for all of you that might be interested.

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