June 16, 2003

A slew of maybes, or maybe just a tad short of a slew

Maybe I need to get some new blogs on the blogroll, because I am not finding any of my regular reads that much interesting today? Maybe I am just worn out because I now have 11 pages of the rewrite done and closed the first chapter? Maybe I just have Alura's plight clogging up all my synapses? Maybe I should just call it an early night and catch up on the sleep I did not seem to get much of last night?

Posted by Tiger at June 16, 2003 08:51 PM | TrackBack

Whenever I complained about being bored when I was younger, my mom would tell me to go wash the dishes.

Posted by: AstreaEdge at June 16, 2003 09:07 PM

Sorry to be so boring! I have the day off tomorrow, and will attempt to be vivacious and witty--just for you!

Posted by: Susie at June 16, 2003 10:13 PM

Of all the things that need to be done around here, dishes would fall way down the list. I just did them last week, and I do not cook much. Dishes are pretty much about as done as they ever get. ;)

Posted by: Tiger at June 16, 2003 10:37 PM

For me? Now aren't you sweet! Adoring fans, ya gotta luv 'em!

Posted by: Tiger at June 16, 2003 10:39 PM