June 24, 2003

Let me peer into my crystal ball

Let me look into the future and see what A Sassy Lawyer in Philippine Suburbia might be saying about my blog:

June 25, 2003

Blogging through a dial-up connection

I was browsing through some blogs when I came across Tiger: Raggin' & Rantin' (subtitled tied to the world solely by a low-band connection through a third-world phone company, one man simply seeks the truth). The guy appears to live in Texas so the subtitle must be a pun or some kind of metaphor. He was also complaining about the summer heat and the cost of electricity. Very Third World indeed, almost...

Hmm, definitely not a pun, so I will go with metaphor. So what do I win?

However, speaking of my low-band connection through a third-world phone company, it seems to have disconnected one two three four five six seven eight nine times already as I have attempted to post this entry. There are some nights it is ridiculously hard to blog.

Posted by Tiger at June 24, 2003 07:20 PM

Nine times...hhmmm... I don't think that's a third world phone company... I think that's something from the twilight zone. I have a lousy dial-up up connection but... nine times? Yours is worse. :)

Posted by: Connie at June 25, 2003 12:07 PM