June 26, 2003

The Florida Lemonade Queen hits the Big Apple

So, did any of ya'll catch Letterman last night? I am not a really big Letterman fan, but I was watching the news and saw he was going to have Avigayil Wardein on. In case you are not really familiar with that name, she is the 6 year old girl whose lemonade stand in Naples, Florida was shut down by the police after her neighbor complained she was breaking the law by selling lemonade without a permit. Although I never said anything about the story on my blog, mainly because everyone else in the Blogosphere had already done so, I was interested in seeing what she had to say about the ordeal. I think she was a bit scared and overwhelmed about being on the show, because it seemed like Letterman had to ask her leading questions just to get any information out of her. The best parts of the interview where when he held up a picture of the stand and there she was with two other people and Letterman asked her if the other two were her friends, she said "No, just one of them is." When he asked her why her lemonade stand was shutdown by the police, she said, "The crabby lady next door called the police." I am thinking someone had put that word in her mouth at some time before. Then David showed her a picture of her handing a glass of lemonade to a policeman in a car and there was a dog in the picture. He asked her if that was her dog. She said, "No, that is [I forget the name], we just go get him to play with sometimes." Letterman then asked if he was a good dog, and she indignantly said, "It's a girl." When he began to ask her about the incident, he asked her if she knew she needed a permit, and she said, "Yes." Letterman immediately ended the interview with the words, "No further questions, Your Honor."

Here is the local newspaper's story about her trip, with links their previous stories about the ordeal.

I did attempt to do my best to provide notice as soon as I found that she was going to appear on the show: I emailed Glenn Reynolds about it. I think he had already gone to bed or just did not have any interest in putting it up on InstaPundit. I just could not think of any other way to get it to as many members of the Blogosphere.

Posted by Tiger at June 26, 2003 07:07 PM

I am a David Letterman fan (what is it about a good sense of humor than makes a man so attractive? As you fall into this catagory, Tiger, perhaps you can answer that for me--if not, I'll have to email Frank Answers)
Ok, I got lost in my parenthetical statement and forgot the point of my comment. Sigh.
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Posted by: Susie at June 27, 2003 07:04 AM