June 27, 2003

This idea I formulated long ago

Stephen Green of Vodka Pundit has devised a plan to end racism. Thanks Stephen for reminding me that I actually had formulated a similar idea back in the 80's* during my third year of college. I was working in a convenience store in the middle of the projects, as the Federally funded low-cost housing area was called. I was just standing there looking at one of the area residents: the most nubile Nubian princess with silky smooth skin the color of chocolate and the most brilliant green eyes.** All I could think of was how much better the world would be if we just began mating with each other, and instead of a world divided by black and white, we would have a cohesive world filled with one race of gray*** people.

However, I now understand why we developed different skin tones in different areas of the world: reflection or absorption of the sun's rays depending on the level of the sunlight received in a certain area. If area populations remain static for another 20,000 years, I suspect we will all evolve to have similar skin tones**** anyway.

attribution: Jay Solo

*That is the 1980's. I might be old, but I am not that damn old.

**The young lady was about 15 and I was 23, so all I did was look at her and admire her beauty. My thoughts, I wisely kept to myself.

***Could it be that the race of often described aliens that many believe to have visited the Earth often referred to as "the Grays" had developed through similar means on a far distant planet?

****If the supposed depletion of the ozone layer does continue and more and more deadly ultraviolet rays continue to pelt us on a daily basis, it is likely that skin coloration will become an evolutionary basis for determining those who survive and those who perish.

Posted by Tiger at June 27, 2003 03:36 AM