June 27, 2003

Odds and ends, but mostly just odd

Well, I am without a car, despite the fact I own four. My '93 Towncar is in the transmission shop, my '89 'stang 5.0 ragtop is sitting on blocks, my '93 Merc Topaz is still out on loan, and my '72 'stang is still sitting in the field behind my brother's house, with the drive shaft in the trunk, one busted window, and likely a few rattlesnakes and birds housed in various places inside. Thankfully I have a friend or two who might be cajoled into chauffering me around until I get my ride back, that is, unless this one person who is not home right now is willing to let me borrow this one certain Nissan pickup that has just been sitting in her driveway since her husband passed away several months ago. I used to date her daughter and I have remained very good friends with the whole family. I just hate* not having a car, especially in the hot Texcas summer. Of course, my doctor** did advise me to get more exercise. Maybe this is good karma.

Something I failed to remember about the seminar. I was out on one break in the second class citizen's area*** talking to some fellow outcasts, one being an especially attractive female of the basic type and age I currently am seeking. I was animatedly discussing my disgust with insurance companies when she smiled at me and said, "You really ought to go into drama." Of course, upon my further investigation I found that she was married.**** I long ago determined that if I had a chance to get into showbiz, I want to take over the role of Ernest. I have already decided I am much too tall and my ears too small to ever play Ross Perot. I also have thought about trying stand up, but I cannot seem to come up with a good 20 minutes of original material.*****

*Although I feel that it is wrong to hate people, I am not impervious to feeling hatred for personally disastrous situations.

**It was actually the P.A.

***This is the area outside any building where the smokers congregate.

****The good ones always seem to be pulled off the shelf before I find the store.

*****George Burns and George Carlin have already used up all the good material.

Posted by Tiger at June 27, 2003 03:01 PM

Stand up comedy is rather like blogging. You see something weird, you expound on it.
And you could wear a funky hat like Gallagher. I can easily see you in a tam o'shanter. :)

Posted by: LeeAnn at June 27, 2003 07:00 PM