June 28, 2003

Free time reading material

OK, for all of ya'll that have finished the new Harry Potter book and have some free reading time, I suggest you go to The Brad Christensen Exhibit and read through some of his exchanges with Nigerian email scam artists. I only have been through the first three, mainly because when I had finally gotten through The Senator's Beach Pledge, I had been continually laughing so hard my stomach hurt. I had to give it a rest for awhile.

Oh, of course, if you really have some free time, read this.*

attribution: Ith

UPDATE: "As God is my witness, I swear on stacks of Bibles, Books of Mormon, the Koran, old copies of The Watchtower, L. Ron Hubbard pamphlets and any other available religious materials that Susie liked this one."

*Yes, I know it is my previous post, but it is so long, I was afraid no one would read all the way through it.

Posted by Tiger at June 28, 2003 05:07 PM

Tiger, you have to read this one:


Posted by: Susie at June 29, 2003 11:16 AM

No, not yet. I guess it will be next. ;)

Posted by: Tiger at June 29, 2003 11:51 AM

Your taste in literature is unsurpassed.

Posted by: Brad Christensen at September 1, 2003 12:50 AM