August 29, 2003

In the deep dark cavern of flesh

Well, today has had its ups and downs, but overall was a much better day than yesterday, I guess. I still have not found a navel rubbing partner, so I am still stuck looking at the same old soft haired surrounded navel that I seem to gaze at every night. I was just wondering about that tiny mole I discovered existed in there a few days ago and was wondering if it has always been in there and I just never noticed, or if it is something new. Of course, now I am wondering if anyone has ever had navel cancer. Not something I enjoy thinking about and surely not something I would want to be the first person ever to get. I think I will not worry much about navel cancer and just go back to thinking happy thoughts like rubbing navels with someone soft, sensual and succulent. Female, of course. Thankfully, I believe that will conclude tonight's report.

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