September 28, 2003

The NFL Report - Texas style

Yes, folks, so far it has been a great day in the NFL for the Texas teams, and even the former Texas teams. Of course, my own favorite, America's Team: The Dallas Cowboys showed that Tuna may know what he is talking about as Quincy Carter was connecting with his receivers on a regular basis and Troy Hambrick is learning what a starting running back is supposed to do. The defense was able to work all the way through this game, and held the Jets to 6 points, but then, the Jets haven't really figured out how to carry or pass the ball into the end zone yet this season.

Then the new boy on the block, those pesky Houston Texans prevailed on the final play of the game, when instead of kicking the field goal and going to OT, their coach chose to go for the win and was successful. I kind of liked what Deion Sanders said about it. "It isn't like they are going to the playoffs, anyway."

Now, one of the former Texas teams: Dallas first NFL franchise, now playing in Indianapolis, will be playing the night game against the Saints. I like the Saints, so I am kind of not really caring who wins this one. However, if the Colts lose, they will be the one team with Texas connections that lost today.

Yes, Dallas' former AFL franchise, and the original Texans, the team now known as the Kansas City Chiefs prevailed over the Baltimore Ravens, and the former Houston team, once known as the Oilers and now known as the Tennessee Titans easily dispatched the Pittsburg Steelers.

The scores, you say, as you had bets on the over/unders on these game?

Dallas 17 - NY Jets 6
Houston 24 - Jacksonville 20
KC 17 - Baltimore 10
Titans 30 - Steelers 13

Posted by notGeorge at September 28, 2003 06:42 PM

Yah, the Jets continue to look sad. But Dallas is doing better than i expected. Can one man really make that much difference, even if that man is a Tuna?

Posted by: annika at September 28, 2003 10:08 PM

Well, Tuna (Bill Parcells) is a pretty good coach, and finally Jerry Jones has moved aside to allow a good coach to coach the team without his interference finally.

Posted by: Tiger at September 28, 2003 10:49 PM