January 01, 2004

Stay tuned for the Rest of the Story

Well, I suppose several of ya'll assumed I found myself in the predicament described below just because I asked that question, but, alas, I was not so lucky. I actually awoke at 10:00 semi-reclined in my car, with my head poundin', viewin' the side of some buildin' I did not recognize. I have slept most of all day today, somewhat to recover from my partyin' from last eve but also to suppress any desire that I might have to seek out and destroy another cigarette. I suppose few of ya'll recall that today was my official quit day. So far, so good.

My head is still poundin' but less so that earlier. I arose about an hour ago, decidin' that I desperately needed to eat somethin'. Thankfully, Sonic was open and I got a plain and dry steak sandwich and tots. I have found it best not to indulge in a lot of rich, spicy stuff when attemptin' to cure a hangover. My stomach seems to already be havin' enough trouble dealin' with the after-effects of the consumption of large quantities of alcoholic beverages. I am ever so thankful that the hangover consisted primarily of dehydration and dyin' brain cells, with no evidence of nausea.

I am plannin' on now takin' another long hot bath and afterward goin' back to bed. A Hell of a way to start a New Year, I know, but I have actually had worse starts to New Years in past, so overall, I am thinkin' of this one as a fairly successful start.

Posted by notGeorge at January 1, 2004 07:28 PM

Happy New Year. If you can sleep for another two weeks you should be over the worst of the nicotine withdrawal.

Posted by: Kathy K at January 1, 2004 08:51 PM

Good luck on quiting smoking!

Posted by: Tink at January 2, 2004 07:24 AM

Most excellent wishes on slaying Demon Nicotine. And I'm glad all you got from New Year's Eve was a pounding headache. It's always a good party when you don't leave behind physical evidence.

Oh..and next time you're at Sonic, mind grabbing a Cherry Lime Aid and overnighting it to Seattle??

Posted by: Kensho Godchaser (Jay Allen) at January 3, 2004 12:43 AM