January 12, 2004

By the way, in case ya hadn't guessed

I spent an hour this mornin' at the Johnson County Courthouse before learnin' that my case was gonna be passed over this time around. It seems there were two other people who had been sittin' in jail awaitin' goin' to trial for a year already, so as my client has only been there somewhere about 90 days now, it was felt the other guys should go to trial first. I kinda felt like that was fair also. My client did not seem like he as too happy about goin' to trial today as it was, so he did not seem to have any problem with bein' set off for another month.

I came back to the office and was gettin' some stuff done, when lunch rolled around and my secretary left. She called in sayin' she was sick and was goin' to the doctor about the time she was due to return. I am not quite sure what to think about that right now.

I got something a bit special I am tryin' to put up for ya'll to see, but I seem to be havin' a bit of a problem gettin' it to scan just right for some reason. It seems my processor does not like me scannin' stuff at 1500 resolution, or 1200 resolution or even 600 resolution. That is why I have been sittin' here but not really doin' much about gettin' my share of today's bloggin' done. I am gonna give it one more try and I think I am gonna be successful this time.

Posted by notGeorge at January 12, 2004 03:28 PM