January 13, 2004

I know I was born way too late

If I had come around in 1867, just think what kind of life I might have led:

It was as a youth in Holly, a mountainous area of Wolfe County, Graham was as assistant to Uncle Kelse Holland, the only blacksmith and dentist in the area. Graham held the victims' heads while Uncle Kelse pulled teeth with homemade forceps.

Graham became a doctor and later a lawyer in the informal way it was sometimes done 75 or 80 years ago. He learned doctoring by assisting a Fort Worth, Tex., doctor and reading his books when he was 19.

For five years Graham passed out pills in Oklahoma before an incident - a strong dose of calomel for an ungrateful Indian chief -scared him out
of medicine.

Steve found it when he was not oglin' someone ankles or somethin' else.

Posted by notGeorge at January 13, 2004 03:47 PM