January 13, 2004

It might be time for a break

Well, ya'll as I spent almost my entire workin' day bloggin' 'bout all that great stuff ya'll was writin' on ya'll's blogs, I find myself plumb tuckered out. I counted 21 entries prior to this one, so this one makes 22, and outta all that hard work I got a total of 6 comments and 5 pings. However, I seemed to be gettin a goodly amount of visitors so I am very hopeful I was sendin' loads of traffic ya'll's way.

I wanna just sign off and go watch some idiot box or somethin', but I feel compelled to say somethin' 'bout those bloggers who come in and take over when the blog founder ain't doin' the job. I am sure ya'll think I am talkin' 'bout Windrider, huh? Nope, I was just thinkin' how much more fun Madfish Willie is havin playin' with kangaroos than I ever did.

So what is this about everyone likin' Cherry's Navel Gazin' post so much better than mine? Oh, well, I have to be the first to admit that the navel she put up for our enjoyment was one humdinger of a fine navel. My navel looks like a hole in an ol' sack of taters if ya squint just right, but there was no mistakin' what it was that Cherry put up for view.

Anyway, I am gonna dart off and do somethin' else. Prolly won't be nowhere near as enjoyable as sittin' here sharin' my every inane thought with ya'll, but it will be different. Sometimes ya just gotta have different, unless ya are married, of course. Then ya ain't supposed to even think different.

I think ya'll are startin' to get the idea that I am always pretty weary when I finally get around to postin' my Nightly Navel Gazin' Reportâ„¢, ain't ya? I mean, what with the incoherent ramblin' that seems to fill each night's report, ya'll gotta get the idea that it is time to defrag my brain. Belly button is fine under the buttons. End of report.

[UPDATE: Did I forget to mention that Susie seems to not have liked a single one of my captions. I mean, I never do well on these caption contests anyway, but I thought Susie was my friend and would at least throw me a bone, even if it was a little one. I actually only did this bit of bellyachin' because Cherry seems to enjoy it so.]

Posted by notGeorge at January 13, 2004 08:38 PM


well, ya know... you do it so well!!!

Posted by: Cherry at January 13, 2004 10:56 PM

Actually, I liked several of your captions! I made a special caption folder and will extract a new one periodically.

Posted by: Susie at January 14, 2004 05:46 AM

Thanks Mr Tiger! There's a good pic up today, although it's a little big.

Posted by: Madfish Willie at January 15, 2004 06:32 AM