January 16, 2004

Ok, Ok, I will attempt to 'splain it

It seems there is some confusion about that thingy I put up there in the title graphic, mostly 'bout the part where it says I have no friends. Uh, well, if ya remember, just a few short days ago, I had placed somethin' new over on the left hand column where people could offer some assistance in order to provide a small benefit to my person, and there was not a single offer of assistance. I was a'thinkin' a true friend would have definitely offered to assist in my time of need, right? ;)

Oral Sex Donations Accepted

Posted by notGeorge at January 16, 2004 07:59 AM

I just discovered you via Deb, via Jay via link by Instapundit. :)
I'll be back you funny funny man!
I would hit your tip jar, but as I am unemployed and the other half is on disability I'll have to abstain for the moment.
Keep up the good work!

Oh yes, if you want more traffic? Get yourself over to wwww.littlegreenfootballs.com and meet the gals and guys over there. It's rowdy, rough, and wear a thick lizoid skin when you arrive.

warm regards,
M. :)

Posted by: quark2texicaniusjacksonian at January 16, 2004 08:40 AM

I ain't got no tip jar buddy! But I do take checks! ;) And I do thank ya for the "I'll be back you funny funny man!" which would have made the Hit Parade if you had a website so I could have linked to you. Please come often and laugh as much as you want free of charge.

Posted by: Tiger at January 16, 2004 04:17 PM