January 16, 2004

Another amazin' milestone comes to pass

Today is Susie's BIRTHDAY. She is 23 .. for the nth time, it seems. She is sick and yet she waited up 'til just past midnight so as to share the good news with us. If'n ya ain't already done so, and there was already a passel of folks who had, drop by and wish her the best. It is a neighborly thing to do, don't ya think? And it ain't too late yet!

Posted by notGeorge at January 16, 2004 06:07 PM

Thanks, Tiger--my birthday suit is at the cleaners, though, so all we got were some pictures of me in my work clothes....maybe next year! ;)

Posted by: Susie at January 16, 2004 10:05 PM


Posted by: Tiger at January 16, 2004 10:19 PM