January 16, 2004

Now look folks, it ain't Saturday yet

I guess people are startin' their long holiday weekend just a bit early, 'cause visitation numbers are droppin' quickly to a Saturday level already. I know it is a holiday, and most of ya'll have three days off, bur surely just a few of ya'll could hang around a read blogs before takin' off to see all ya'll relatives and celebratin' Martin Luther King's Birthday, couldn't ya?

Hey, now that I said Martin Luther King's Birthday ... do ya'll think maybe we could change this celebration to another big event in Martin Luther King's life, maybe one startin' in late February/early March? I mean -- it does seem to be a waste of a good three day weekend when it comes so quickly after the most major holiday season of the year. And besides, it is still winter, and it is so hard to water-ski in the winter, and ya'll all know deep in your heart that Martin Luther King would want people to water-ski on any day off they got to celebrate any events in his life. I mean he was that kind of a guy, our dear departed Dr. Martin Luther King, just the sort of a guy that believed in freedom and stuff like that, and man who would have wanted people to be free to water-ski, Doncha think?

Hell, maybe if ya'll ain't gonna read any of this crap anyway, maybe I will go someplace and go water-skiin'. Of course, I really hate water-skiin' by myself. It is so hard to drive the boat and to ski behind it at the same time. I have only successfully done that once, and it cost me a leg. Of course, I don't cry 'bout it, 'cause the honeys love it when I tell 'em how it got bit off by a Great White Shark when I was water-skiin' off the Great Barrier Reef. I don't tell 'em how I lost my pecker.

Now, see what happens when ya'll all go away and leave me here all alone talkin' to myself. I start makin' up wild bald-faced lies about crap. Oh well, at least I am having' fun. I am hopeful ya'll are too.

Posted by notGeorge at January 16, 2004 07:56 PM

March would be good--there aren't any national holidays in March are there? (Well, St. Patrick's Day, but that's only a legal holiday in Boston and Chicago...)

Posted by: Susie at January 16, 2004 10:08 PM