January 17, 2004

Of Snarks and Spam, a Short Saturday novel by ***

Well, it seems the most Venomous One has again hunted down a barrel of snarks and is shootin' 'em as we speak and layin' them out for your enjoyment. I regrettably must note that one delightful little snark I tried to shoo her way got caught in a SPAM trap in some wayward eddy along the electron highway, and evidently never did arrive at its destination. First, my thoughts are to that poor poor little snark, who must be cold and lonely as he floats eternally lost in the ethernet. However, I must view this bit of bad luck for me in light of the great fortune I had in headlinin' yesterday's Letter of the Day Review. I doubt Kate is thinkin' 'bout bloggin' much anyway. As I posted earlier, she has a good excuse.

Posted by notGeorge at January 17, 2004 05:50 PM