January 17, 2004

More crap about me that you didn't know

First, 'fore we begin this inane diatribe, could I get one of ya'll big strappin' gals to come over here and help me with this jar of pickles? Damn, whatta they put these lids on with, pneumatic tools?

So, first of all, let me say that I agree 100% with Michele on this, but will never forgive her for writin' a tome about Popeye and not once mentionin' Alice the Goon. I mean, just the sound of her voice used to make my heart go pitter-patter. Of course, I was a little boy and just a look from a pretty girl would likely make me blush and piss myself. I was a very insecure little boy. The babes loved it . . . then! That was the 50's -- people were weird in the 50's, always starin' at the horizon like they was lookin' for somethin'. They was always sayin' somethin' 'bout mushrooms.

It would be good to see this guy move off of blog*spot, get some permalinks, maybe, or somethin'. Still, gotta send some kudos to the divine Ms. Margi for introducin' me to the funny fella. Of course, it always amazes me that people ain't beatin' the doors down to get into this place. What's wrong, folks, are the drinks watered down? Are the jokes lame? Does my breath stink? What is it? What does a person have to do to get some recognition 'round here, threaten to shoot one of my dogs? Crap! Oh, speakin' of crap, what is this crap? Are they gonna Photo Shop this little kid hangin' outside the windshield of ever' type of vehicle there is? Last time I saw him, he was hangin' onto the hood of grandma's car with that same expression on his face. See, I have a mind like a leaky collander, although most of what I see and hear just goes right through, I catch a small bit of it.

Hey, ya'll 'member that quote from Windrider down below? Well, seems these three gentlemen left home without their I'm an Idiot sign. Thanks to the Cracker Barrel Puffdaddy for bringin' that scenario to my attention.

George, but what a load of crap. I got a mess of spiders crammin' my comments with some really weird crap! Help, help, help! What can I do to stop this?

Posted by notGeorge at January 17, 2004 09:52 PM