January 18, 2004

And ya'll ain't readin' my crap regularly -- why?

It appears that Tony Rosen has moved to Austin and is lookin' for a good church.

He was appalled by this story about a 16 year old High School student who has been charged as a juvenile offender for fillin' his mouth full of Albuterol® from his asthma inhaler and then blowin' it into his teacher's face.

Bill Pattillo, chief of the juvenile division of the county attorney's office said Albuterol can be dangerous.

"Here's a kid using his medication who ended up in jail for five days. ... something, something's wrong with our system," Steven Wilson, the boy's uncle, told the station.

"It's absurd," his mother, Judy Dugan Todd, told KHOU. "It's ridiculous. It's an inhaler."

Pattillo said the boy may be charged with a felony. He is still investigating the allegations, he added.

"My office believes there is probable cause to hold him for an assault on a public servant, which is a third-degree felony."

So, is this a case where some poor innocent boy got caught in that gray area between childish prank and criminal activity? Is it a case of over reaction by a poorly trained member of our nation's teachin' staff? or Is this a case of some mean brat of a child who has been coddled by parents who believe he can do absolutely nuthin' wrong? The first question I would want the answered is why did the kid do this? It sounds like a pretty stupid thing to do.

Again, though, this goes back to the same problem as always. Society is warped. Parents quit being parents and shuffled their kids off to day-care and the professional child advocates clamored about the harm of corporal punishment. In my school days, this episode would have been quickly resolved by marchin' young Mr. I think it is funny to blow my asthma medication into my teacher's face and slam a board against his ass four or five times so he would find sittin' in his desk chair through the rest of the day's classes thinkin' 'bout the beatin' his dad was gonna give him when he got home a bit uncomfortable.

Oh, we had our clowns, bad boys and malcontents also. Our pranks were more carefully thought out, not so much because we feared gettin' caught, though it was part of the consideration, the primary plannin' consideration was that your prank be remarkable enough to bring you the adoration of your classmates so as to offset the physical trauma that would occasion your capture.

Kids will be kids, but some of our kids are truly becomin' menaces. This case may be a miscarriage of justice, but I am gonna trust that a good judge will make the right decision.

Now, Tony, what was this? I think I would need a spreadsheet presentation to fully understand your point. Then again, I might need a knew* new brain. If I was a gamblin' man, I would put my money on the need for a new brain.

Well that concludes what could only be termed as the Tony Rosen Report, but I am hold off on makin' that an official category at this point.

Now, 'fore I publish this blurb, let me formulate this question I am gonna ask you to ask yourself: Why ain't you blogrolled this blog yet?**

*Was this some Freudian slip from the Twilight Zone? I dunno, but just glad I caught it before the initial publication.

**Of course, I know ya'll that have actually blogrolled ***: Raggin' & Rantin' understood that question was not for ya'll. In fact, I ain't got no questions for ya'll right at the moment. I am just sittin' here beamin' smiles, knowin' ya'll exist.

Posted by notGeorge at January 18, 2004 02:19 PM

You know what cracked me up about that news story? The teacher claims to have experienced an allergic reaction/side effect from the albuteral. The teacher's heart rate was elevated. Ask any of us with asthma and any pulmonary doctor or any pharmacist, accelerating the heart rate is part of how the drug works to stop an asthma attack. It increases the flow of blood to the lungs to increase oxygen saturation. The other part of how the drug works is to stimulate bronchial passages to open them back up. both are essential parts of albuteral's function.

Posted by: Chelle at January 18, 2004 03:36 PM