January 19, 2004

Search engine updates

Ain't it funny what people search for from time to time> i remember back when I was gettin' at least one of two hits a day from people searchin' for filthy lingerie but I am supposin' there just ain't all that much interest in filthy lingerie anymore, 'cause I ain't seen a hit on that term in quite awhile. Most of the searches I found today were for Opus. I am doin' pretty good in the Opus listin's bein' in the top 20 sites in several different search word groups. I came up #7 on Google under Opus comic archive. Of course, I have nothin' that will likely satisfy whoever is searchin' for such, except maybe a link in one of the comments. Maybe they found it and were happy with their search results.

The biggest change I saw was my rankin' under searches for ***. I was on the third page, but it seems that on the US Google site, I am currently number 10, whereas I am as low as 12 on some of the other Google sites. I am number 9 on Yahoo. It might be hard to bust it up to number 1, what with *** bein' a term in common usage. I am quite satisfied to bein' listed on the front page.

Posted by notGeorge at January 19, 2004 07:14 PM