January 20, 2004

Kickin' butt and changin' things

Ya know, ain't technology grand? I mean not just bein' able to get on the internet, not only just havin' cool programs so you can blog, but now ya don't have to have a million floppy disks to move crap from one computer to another, or have to email files from the office to home or visa versa, but you can go buy a USB whatcha-ma-callit and transfer more data by usin' it than my first computer would hold usin' every storage device it had installed or connected to it. I made a mistake when I told Kathy Kinsley in an email that I was havin' problems unzippin' s-comment.cgi ... nope, it was the update for MT with which I was havin' the problems. So, I decided to try to download it and unzip in on my office computer, the one now hooked up with cable high band. Yay! It did successfully download and unzip and I brought all the necessary files home. I also brought a print out of the installation instructions, since I have had no printer hooked up to this system since my HP Desk Jet 500 went out last year after 10 years or so of use.* I am pretty sure I paid as much for it as I did that HP does-everything, includin' printin' in color thing I bought last year for the office, just so I had somethin' with which to print pictures. Actually, I already had a Canon color printer, but it didn't accept faxes, and the fax machine I had ate those damn ribbons that cost $24 each like crazy, so I saw that damn thing on sale for like $400.** I do guess I could actually bring that Canon printer home, but as I hardly ever need to print anythin' here anyway, I think I will just wait until I can get me another Brother laser printer. I like those really well. The print like forever on one toner cartridge, you can actually replace the drum unit for not much, and they don't cost all that much to buy. Well enough with that subject, 'cause what I was tryin' to say is that I am gonna be tryin' to upgrade my MT. As such, I might not post much more tonight. Of course, I suppose maybe there are a few items below that you have not looked over yet, so maybe you won't mind just scrollin' down a bit and seein', right? Oh, and don't be afraid to comment a bit, either. ;)

[UPDATE: Well, that ain't gonna happen any time soon. It seems that I am usin' Berkeley database instead of MySQL database, like I know what that means or anythin'. It just seems that MySQL will give me a bit more functionality, so before I do anythin' else, I need to figure out if I can do MySQL on my server, though I am pretty sure I can, and, if so, how or what do I do to convert to usin' MySQL database. I am almost sure, that at the very worst, all I have to do is reinstall a full version of MT again and iimportin' all my entries. Ya can bet I ain't doin' nuthin' to it before I export ever' single one of 'em. -- Anyway, if any of ya'll actually have a clue as to what I am talkin' 'bout, please feel free to explain it to me, k? I mean, it ain't like I'm beggin' for skins, here. -- To tell ya the absolute truth, if'n it wasn't for that ya know what that occurred a couple o' days ago, I would be pretty satisfied with things just as they are ... oh maybe tightenin' up some of the .css a bit, some cosmetic changes from time to time, a smatterin' of a bit more bric-a-bac here and there ... but the MT was workin' fine ... just the slimy slugs was findin' the kinks and squeezin' through the cracks. It seems only natural to install a few measures to stop their entry. I mean, I chide the crap outta MS for their crappy software, not because I am findin' updates to the OS comin' in on a regular basis, but because they won't open source. If I knew crap about anythin', I would go with Sun and Linux. Both are puttin' a lot of effort into fightin' MS for the long haul. Hey, what am I talkin' 'bout here? I know less about this tech crap than Bill knows about ass pimples.]

*Yep, that old HP Desk Jet did well, bein' my mainstay office printer*** for several years until I got my first Brother Laser, when it came home and was used for another 6 years.

**And like most such things, I swear I saw the same thing at Fry's a month later for $100 less than that.

***Truth be told, I initially began usin' that Desk Jet as my office computer when my office was in my dinin' room and my wife was still alive. If my recollection of dates is correct, that means it worked for about 12 years before crappin' out. What is wrong with it, I have no idea. It just don't print no mo'.

Posted by notGeorge at January 20, 2004 07:46 PM

Every version of MT since 2.2 has had the option to convert to MySQL; there's a script to Do The Deed contained in the package.

The only trick is that you will need to set up the database with your Web host before you run the script. At my host, you bring up the Control Panel and select MySQL from the available options list; yours is probably somewhat similar.

Posted by: CGHill at January 21, 2004 04:10 PM

Yeah, at my host, they say first you gotta pay another $30 a year, so now all I need to think about is if I wanna move my blog to another host. I saw one host service on some blog ad that said you got 100MB and 2G per month for $30 a year.

Posted by: Tiger at January 21, 2004 06:14 PM