January 21, 2004

I could dance all night --

Well, not dance like most of ya'll likely imagine, but I could dance my fingers on these keys and continually supply ya'll with my inane thoughts and snarky comments for the rest of the time between this very moment and the time my groggy head hits he keyboard. I think ya would know that had happened because the result would look somethin' like this: ubhyjuvgftrbhyuj [spell check actually suggested something*]. Damn, and ya get a lot of skin oil on your keyboard. Do ya realize how hard this is to remove? Me either, 'cause I ain't even gonna try. Heck, if this keyboard quits workin', I will just have to look around here and see if I ain't got another keyboard layin' round. I likely do, but, of course, its prolly an AT keyboard and I will need a PS2. I need to reinstall my voice recognition software then we could really have fun with strange letter combinations. Hey, that could be a meme -- naw, who the hell would get any enjoyment outta findin' unique ways of creatin' strange letter combinations -- that didn't involve sex. I always assume that anythin' that does involve sex will be enjoyable and will be somethin' that people will clamor to be a part of. That would not include me, however, 'cause I am not a people. I am a ***. That is a lot like bein' a Lone Wolf, only with stripes.

Wow, I started this post a half hour ago. Where did time go? Either my watch just decided to go fast or I just spent 15 minutes starin' into space without seein' nuthin'. Hey, did any of ya'll catch the State Of The Union Address? What was the verdict? Is the Union healthy? Will it survive? Will it outlive Fidel Castro? OK, really, was there anythin' that came out that surprised anyone? I mean, really? Go TEAM! Right?

I still got several blog windows open and, yet, I am worn to a frazzle. I gotta put a stop to this and just go to bed. I found myself lookin' at Bloviatin' Inanities, and it just sucked the life outta me. I ain't dancin' all night. In fact, I am about done with dancin' tonight ... unless, of course, I find some willin' volunteer to do a bit of the horizontal mambo ... (sorry 'bout that ... imagination runnin' wild- naked it seems). Speakin' of naked, I ain't. I could be, but not here. I think I will wait until I am in close proximity of that double layer of goosedown.

Navel seems to be fine this evenin' as belly is not gurglin', rumblin' or bubblin and navel is sittin' pristinely atop the peaceful belly, yea, though I walk through the valley of flesh, I will savor .... sorry, there goes that damn wild imagination again. I think this is a good time to end it, don't you? End of Report.

*No, seriously, when I ran spell check, it stopped on that word and suggested that I might have possibly misspelled the word "something".

Posted by notGeorge at January 21, 2004 12:42 AM