January 21, 2004

Love is such a hard game to play

I was goin' though some profiles Yahoo! personals thought fulfilled my search settin's and found this one Now, I know the Yahoo! program only reads the data input by the actual person, so I can't blame the system. All I wanna know is why some pre-op transvestitie is advertisin' as a woman searchin' for a man. I ain't plannin' on hookin' up and havin' kids with no post-op transvestitem but I come closer to classifying someone who had actually had their penis reshaped into a vagina as a woman than I would someone who still retained the penis. I am tellin' ya, if I knew a good attorney, I think I would sue for false advertisin'.*

I am almost sure that the girl who now only has 15 more months to do on her 15 year sentence would be a better catch.

*I am a good attorney,** and as a good attorney, the first thing I recognize is that it si not financially feasible to invest any sums in such a case.

**I think.

Posted by notGeorge at January 21, 2004 06:11 PM