January 22, 2004

The Carnival is comin, but the elephant is lame

OK, seems I am gonna be hostin' the Carnival of Vanities on June 2, 2004. So, I figured I better give ya'll fair warnin' that I expect your entries to be in prior to midnight, January 22, 2004 to ensure great placement in such postin'. In all event, please have whatever ya are gonna submit in prior to midnight on June 1, 2004. All submissions should be submitted in Braille. I expect that I will repeat this message some time in February. Check back often for changes in procedures.

Posted by notGeorge at January 22, 2004 09:16 PM

Damn, and after I stuck myself seven times, with that pin I was Brailling with.

Posted by: The Commissar at January 23, 2004 10:11 AM