January 24, 2004

A break in the space-time continuum, ya think?

I had opened 30 or so blogs and was patiently allowin' them to load up. I had read a couple, even posted somethin' to Michele's open mike night, and then made a quick run to the facility to empty my bladder. I came back and everythin' had shut down, 'cept for my connection. That is the only way I know my computer did not reboot durin' my three minute roundtrip to the bathroom. So, now I am wonderin' just what cause IE to close all those windows? I wonder if it was because I was thinkin' of Bill Gates and wonderin' if Microsoft is what he was callin' his pecker when he was in college. Also, I read that Mike Rowe got a lot of stuff from Microsoft for givin' up his MikeRoweSoft.com domain. I was wonderin' what I could get for givin' up my domain called MightGrowSoft.com, which is a pr0n site starrin' this lady. Of course, I suppose I could settle out with them for this.

Posted by notGeorge at January 24, 2004 09:05 PM