January 24, 2004

Strange days are made like this

Well, let us see, best laid plans of mice and men ... yada yada ... so the tour did not go as planned and I did not go on the tour. See, seems this was some kind of class thing where these kids were gonna be takin' pictures of the animals and such. They arrived 45 minutes late and I had the other thing to do at a time certain, so I let someone else take my spot, one of the trainee docents who was not qualified yet to give the tours, because they mostly just needed someone to drive them around the damn place so they could take pictures. I am not chidin' the class though, because it was not their fault that the event was not explained that well to me when I agreed to be there. Anyway, so I got back home and read few blogs and then went up to my friend's store to meet my ex-wife.

She pulled up to the front of the store in a brand new red Firebird. Despite bein' almost a decade older, she had really not changed all that much, which surprised me. I was almost sure she would have gained a lot of weight and resemble a hippo or somethin' similar, but nope, that was not the case. So, anyway, we went down the street and had lunch, and mostly she told me what had happened in her life since our divorce. Mostly the conversation centered on her family and my family and what they were doin' now. Then I let her follow me back to my house, where she brought in several items she admitted she had stolen from me when she had packed her crud and moved out of my house so many long years ago. She advised me there were a couple of items that had been destroyed in the elapsed time and that she would do whatever it took to make it right. I guess what was strange was that the things she returned were things I had not missed, even at the time of the move. or if I did, just wrote off anyway. These were not items of extreme value, although a quilt she had admitted that she took and that was long since gone probably had some sentimental value, but still, I had not missed it either. She told me about her AA meetings, and that she had been sober for about 8 months now. She had attempted to avoid makin' her required amends to me for bein' the worst possible wife and basically destroyin' my trust in womankind, but her sponsor had forced her to make the two hour trip to do so. Of course, nothin' she had to say changed the crud that she had done to me oh so many years ago, or repaired what had been broken inside of me. Yes, I am not the same man I was prior to meetin' that CHB and will never be again. I am glad that she is doin' better and is finally cleanin' up her act, but mostly for the sake of her kids. As for me, my life continues to suck.

I apologize for the light bloggin' today. I was actually sittin' here for quite some time playin' with some ideas for reworkin' the look of my blog. Mostly, though, 'bout all I did was work on this new title graphic idea. I saw somethin' very similar on The Introverted Exhibitionist. I did a bit of searchin' though some photos until I came up with just the right one, and then cut the part I liked. I am likely gonna redo some self photos, though, and see if I can't get somethin' a bit better in the bottom right hand corner. Anyway, have a look at it, and give me your thoughts.

Oh wait, I did get around to doin' a bit more bloggin' -- but I musta fooled ya with that earlier lull, 'cause there weren't too many droppin' in and droppin' snarky comments. I know it was Saturday, but if ya are sittin' there, ain't ya glad someone is postin' somethin' splendiferous for your enjoyment?

Navel stayed pretty much to itself today. I am pretty sure it had a lot of do with my overall mood. I suspect that it was just afraid to show itself. Oh well, at least it came to no harm by playin' it safe, huh? End of report.

Posted by notGeorge at January 24, 2004 11:59 PM