January 25, 2004

"[T]hink the paralyzed guy's dick will still work?"

Jesus H. Alex Rodriguez de los Virgin Maria del Mar, what some people will blog 'bout. Of course, it ain't like some skin off of the blogger's nose, is it, since Velociman has left madmenpersons* in charge of his nut house while he goes to Canada. Accordin' to rumor, however, this time it won't be like what happened while Acidman was in Jamaica, the damn cats came to roost and play.

[UPDATE: Buzz is bloggin' on bulimic space frogs***. ~shakin' my head in wonderment~]

*I already got one 22¢** digital citation from the mudflappin' PC Police this week - the assholes!.

**Yes, kiddies, you too can create that nice little ¢ symbol by insertin' the tiny word cent between an ampersand and a semicolon, so stop with the damn $0.22 crud, ok?

***There will be someone doin' a Google search for that, ya know.

Posted by notGeorge at January 25, 2004 11:55 AM