January 26, 2004

My favorite thing about the Internet

I am not sure how many of ya'll read Sassy's blog all that much, but I find it so intriguin' to hear about how things happen and effect the lives of those in different parts of the world. I mean today she had a post about a possible military junta to seize the power of the government and that she will not be feedin' her family chicken until the bird flu epidemic has passed even though the local chicken supply has been claimed to be unaffected.

I for one cannot even imagine thoughts of a military junta seizin' the power of government in the US, it is unthinkable. As for the bird flu, that story seems to becomin' somethin' like the mad cow disease and such, but I don't remember hearin' that much about anythin' doin' with out food supply much durin' most of my life.

I like readin' Sassy's blog mostly, I think, 'cause it reminds me of how much we in the United States take for granted for just bein' born here. Do ya realize that no one starves here because they have to ... I mean there is always some where to get a free meal here in the US. Ya might have to beg a bit or listen to some sermon on the how bad drinkin', druggin', forkin',* and suckin' are for ya and your immortal soul, but somewhere, someone is gonna give ya somethin' to eat. And that is really sayin' somethin', ain't it? We ain't had to eat one of our own kind here since the Donner party, unlike what ya can find in North Korea, these days.

Sassy, you take care of that family, gal.

*Zempt's spell checker suggested the word should be spelled forking.

Posted by notGeorge at January 26, 2004 11:10 PM

The threats of military juntas are something we live with everyday. I don't know if you've heard what happened here last July, about the attempted coup... but that was just the tip of the iceberg. The failure of that attempted coup did not detract from the expose that it brought.

Posted by: The Sassy Lawyer at January 27, 2004 12:41 PM