January 27, 2004

Don't ya ever just wish someone would bite your head off

OK, I know this is liable to kill my visitation numbers for today, but my head is poundin' and so I am thinkin' it likely is not a good move to just stare at this screen all night tonight. I apologize, as I know my three, well maybe now, five, regular visitors will drop in lookin' for a lot to read and find I blogged very little that is new. I will leave ya with this thought however. I keep smellin' somethin' that smells like a steak cookin' on a grill, but it is cold outside so I am sure no one is grillin' outside. I cannot for the life of me figure out where that smell is comin' from. I didn't have steak for lunch, so I am sure there are not any good steak morsels stuck in my mustache. So, maybe my mind is playin' tricks on me. Uh, do ya think it is just makin' me think I have a headache also. Damn my mind, stop it before I find someone to bite my head off and then I can go to the head store and by a new one. Anyone know where they moved the head store? I need one that does not hurt and play tricks on me ... not too many other qualifications necessary, expect I would like one that had a nice face, a good head of hair, a perfect set of teeth as white as they could be and looked a lot like Harrison Ford and nothin' like Michael Jackson. I will swap all of my ear and armpit hair and one inch of height for such a head.

OK, so what's up with the navel, ya ask? It doesn't hurt and is givin' me no problems of any kind. I have no plans to swap it for another navel, although I am still lookin' for a really nice one to rub it against. Anna, just for your information, I do have the thing you mentioned as most important to you and if I get that new head, I might have the rest of what ya are lookin' for. Hey, I did mention that my head hurts, right? So I guess ya'll won't mind if I end this report, will ya? Yeah, I knew ya'll were good sports! End of report.

[UPDATE: Well, it is 2:00 am and the headache never did subside, so I had to drag my nice warm navel outta the bed, dress up enough to go the store across the street from my regular place, which closes at midnight, just so as to get a couple of those sinus pills that keep me awake all night. It was not like I was gonna be able to sleep anyway with my head poundin'. Bein' the good blogger I am, I stopped to let all of ya'll know that before I undressed again and crawled back under the goosedown. I might not be asleep, but I will be restin' very warmly, thank ya very much.]

Posted by notGeorge at January 27, 2004 07:29 PM