February 24, 2004

Workin' frantically to gather my wits 'round me

Well, got the call today that I am gonna be startin' that trial tomorrow, so guess I had better be tryin' to get my brain cells a'clickin' again. I am supposin' that gettin' a good night's sleep is one thing I know I can accomplish, or, at least, attempt to accomplish. I have long ago found that just 'cause I go to bed early ain't no guarantee I am gonna fall asleep early, but stayin' up all night is surely a guarantee that I ain't gonna get a good night's sleep. So, given my druthers, if it is a good night's sleep that I am tryin' to get, I do think I will come more likely gettin' it if I am a'layin' in my bed than I will if'n I piddle around playin' freecell on the 'puter or stare mindlessly for hours at my belly button.

I have just detubbed™ from a long hot bath and am clad solely in my bathrobe, not so much for modesty's sake, as I am here alone, but more to fend off the chill of the non-heated air in the house. Although the last couple of days have been dreary rainy affairs, the temperature has stayed in the low fifties and high forties so that I am able to keep my climate control disconnected. That pleases me greatly because I will do anything possible to keep donatin' as little money as possible to the 'lectric pirates company. Of course, bein' clad in said bathrobe, as well as the only light bein' that emitted by the computer monitor,* I am actually unable to see my navel. I was additionally unable to see it while I was soakin' in that hot tub tub of hot water, as there was hardly any light bein' put out by that cheap votive candle alit high on the shelf. Besides, I was takin' a bubble bath ... don't ask me why ... I just was.

Anyway, I do know this is a round about way of tellin' ya'll that I am gonna go to bed early tonight, but that is what I am tryin' to do. My belly button, although ungazed 'pon, is doin' fine, I am sure. I remain totally amazed that so many of ya'll continue to read my drivel, but it gladdens me that ya do. Thanks, friends for droppin' in - truly and sincerely. I sometimes think ya'll are the slender tether that keeps me from floatin' totally off into the realm of pure insanity. I have nuthin' more to add, I guess. End of report.

*another tactic to cheat the 'lectric out of a few more of my well earned pennies

Posted by notGeorge at February 24, 2004 10:13 PM