February 25, 2004

Curiouser and curiouser, it seems, me thinks a pattern is formed

I fear that this night is endin' much earlier than anticipated, but as the trial has started, I got stuff to do, mostly gettin' some rest so I can be doin' some good thinkin' as the DA starts questionin' his witnesses the first thing in the mornin'. My back is already stiffenin' up from havin' to stand in one place for 45 minutes or so as I questioned the jury pool. The people in the pool have been shuffled around all week and it was hard to get any kind of reactions out of them at all. I did my best, and so did the DA, to cull the ones out that we thought were leanin' too far toward the other side, but the ones that made the jury look like a hangin' jury anyway. Sometimes, tryin' cases in rural areas is like pullin' teeth out of an alligator while it is chewin' off you leg, it seems. Especially cases involving drugs. I did try to get my client to agree to the plea bargain, but in either case, unless he gets a not guilty verdict, whatever time the jury gives him is as good as a death sentence. He has cirrhosis and havin' already had three members of my family die from such, I personally know he likely does not have that much longer to live. Here is hopin' that I can punch enough holes in the DA's case to get him off. If not, I at least want to believe I did my best job possible.

As such, I am gonna go soak in another hot tub of water, gaze at my navel as the sun has not set, and then take my tired ass to bed. I do apologize for not bein' around much lately, but things change, don't they. I love all ya'll --- I just forget to tell ya that. Hey, I noticed the little dead girl is back over at Michele's place. I like that little dead girl, because she looks like I feel most of the time, like death warmed over. Ta ta for forkin'* now. End of report.

*I just got so damn tired of seein' ttfn that I decided to add another f. It is now ttffn.

Posted by notGeorge at February 25, 2004 05:51 PM

Good luck in court, hon. As they say: Go gettem', Tiger!

Oh, I know that was weak. But I really mean it.

Posted by: margi at February 25, 2004 09:56 PM