February 28, 2004

The long and windin' day

OK, after the impromptu nap I spoke of earlier, I got up and got ready to go out and join in on a couple of events ... one bein' the Lincoln/Reagan Dinner put on by the area Republican Club and then hopefully would be able to run by one of the local restaurants to catch the end of Johnny Hanna's Show where a friend of mine was gonna be, as she is such a big Elvis fan and Johnny Hanna is one of the oldest Elvis impersonators and was also one of Elvis' friends. However, as Congressman Joe Barton was tellin' us stories about President Reagan, I could find no way to slip out without bein' seen so I missed the Elvis event. Thankfully, however, I did get there before the performer, my friend, and all of her friends had left, so actually, I only missed the show. It is not like I am a big Elvis fan, and to tell ya the truth, the guy looked kinda like I expect Elvis himself would look if he was still around, like an old, fat guy with long sideburns. Thank ya, thank ya very much. I spent just enough time there to charm the ladies before headin' over to a house party one of my supporters was havin' after the political dinner.

It was just a small party. I drank a Coke, as they didn't have any Dr. Pepper,* while everyone else was drinkin' wine or beer. I nibbled on some nuts, olives and such, but I was beginnin' to feel a bit bloated from the second helpin' of salad I ate at the political dinner, so I excused myself, ran by the store to refill my cup with the real stuff and here I am tellin' ya'll about it all ... like anyone is likely to read this anyway. Still, I have done my duty today to my party and political supporters, to my Elvis lovin' friend and her friends, and to all my fans out there in the blogosphere. So I guess I can drag my tired ass off to bed with a clear conscience. I am not sure how well you will sleep, though, because you didn't read this -- I know that because my counter hasn't moved and you didn't comment. Oh well, I ain't gonna lose any sleep over your failures, so don't fret it. I still love ya! No, really, I do. Who? YOU! Dammit, pay attention, OK?

My navel is in a bit of distress. My belly is gurglin' as I must have imbibed a little too heavily mostly on various greens covered with Italian dressin' and some peach cobbler. I should not have had that second helpin' of salad, but I thought I was doin' so well by not havin' seconds of the peach cobbler. I did pass on the chicken spaghetti, primarily because I hate chicken spaghetti, but also because it was the Lincoln/Reagan day dinner and I was almost sure that Lincoln never ate chicken spaghetti** and was pretty sure Reagan hadn't ever dined on it either. I am thinkin' I will end my evenin' by chewin' a couple of Pepcid Complete tablets before goin' to bed. I think I will try to read a couple more pages in that book I began yesterday and suspect that I should be asleep very soon. More about my mundane life to come in tomorrow, I believe, unless, of course, I die in my sleep. In that case, I likely won't be continuin' this blog. End of report.

*I did have almost a full cup of Dr. Pepper in the car.

**I am pretty sure that Lincoln had dined on possum and squirrel.

Posted by notGeorge at February 28, 2004 11:55 PM