March 15, 2004

What's for Dinner Tonight?*

OK, so it is supposedly International** Eat an Animal For PETA Day (IEAFPD)*** of which I was not aware or of which I had never heard, but it seems to have been started on this day last year by blogger Meryl Yourish. Now, I don't go in for changin' my diet just because someone says it is Eat a Taco Day, Dine on Roadkill Day or any other such thing. So, I just went about my regular business. and, as usual, ate a couple of pepperoni sticks and some fried pig skins, such delicious and nutritious staples of one who conveniently dines at convenience stores. I ain't 'zactly sure how I feel 'bout PETA. Tigers are animals, ya know, and highly endangered animals, at that. As such, anyone on board to assist us Tigers in not becomin' completely extinct can't be all bad. But then again, Tigers are carnivores. Anyone advocatin' that meat is not appropriate to dine upon ain't gonna be on my Christmas card list, so to speak. I don't usually dine on people, however, findin' them to be a bit stringy, but, what the hey -- I guess I could force down a Vegan or two for a good cause, huh?

[This crud is too good to not get some notice, so gonna try to work my way through the Beltway Traffic Jam.]

*It ain't original, likely been overused today, and is about as lame a title as I could come up with,**** but then I didn't really want to detract from the exceptional post underneath it, did I?

**I understand that the French were too frightened to become involved in anythin' so controversial.

***I am just wonderin' what makes the "for" so important it gets a letter in the ACRONYM and the "an" doesn't.

****So as to not end with a danglin' participle, should this have been more properly phrased as "about as lame as with up I could come"?

Posted by notGeorge at March 15, 2004 08:16 PM