March 16, 2004

Does any out there serve just desserts?

Well, regrettably it is time to do what I naturally feel like doin' at this time of the evenin'. No Denita, it ain't what you are thinkin'. What is on my mind is my need to whine, or whinge, as they say down under, about why no one appreciates my great talent. I mean I worked for over two hours on this post alone. I spent another 30 minutes writin' and rewritin' this post just to get ya'll to look at some ridiculous picture. I thought this post was among one of the funniest posts ever. And lastly, this was a quote worthy remark. Ya know, I ain't all that happy 'bout havin' to toot my own horn, but I sure as fork don't see any of ya'll tootin' it for me. Oh, let me take that back. John does link to me quite often. I know I have a few really fine and steady readers, as well, in Denita, Susie, and Tink, just to name a few. I got a lot of comments on the new look from almost all the bloggers I read regularly, and that felt fabulous to get such a wonderous round of applause for my whole weekend's worth of work. As a quick aside, I noticed some of the graphics were not displayin' correctly this mornin' and the background colors were set such that some of the text was unreadable, so I took pains this evenin' to change all the backgrounds to simulate the colors of the graphics.

Lament, lament, lament, but I do seem to spend a large amount of my time bloggin' and I put a lot of effort into attemptin' to make my crud exceptionally enjoyable to read. I suppose I should be happy that I do have a small followin', but I am an attention junkie. I need more and more adorin' fans fawnin' at my every update, rushin' in to see what new and novel thought has popped into my head, what witty inane remark I have regardin' the latest story or meme, or my wizened insight into personal growth. It is the cure for my loneliness, the thought that my life means somethin' to all the nameless faceless people on the other end of the thin electronic tether that connects me to that big world out there. Is anyone listenin'?

Ya know, there has been a plethora of first year blogiversaries here of late and mine is comin' up really soon. My ascension up the ladder, however, does not appear to have proceeded at the anticipated rate. Have I been hampered by my lack of breasts? Does my breath stink? What is it? Is my crud truly not as funny as I think it is?

Oh crud, I was lookin' deep into my navel this evenin', huh? I ain't done lookin', though, 'cause if I stopped now, I would be found wantin' . . . wantin' to find a better use for my time, some way to accomplish efforts that people actually appreciate, 'cause deep down inside, I need to feel appreciated. I need to feel loved. I know that is a lot to ask, but is it too much? End of report.

Posted by notGeorge at March 16, 2004 12:12 AM

Breasts would help, surely. They're not the end all / be all though. You'll need a vagina too if you really want to launch this thing.

The biggest real reason is probably that personal blogs just don't get a big following. They only appeal to a small slice of people who like you more than all of the other personal blog bloggers out there that they could be reading instead of you. Theme blogs and poliblogs can grow a large and dedicated readership. Little guys like us are pretty much going to stay little guys.

Posted by: Jim at March 16, 2004 02:51 PM