March 16, 2004

A mornin' full of surprises

Wow, has today ever started off with a rash of surprises. Of course, I was surprised to learn that my good friend Susie was such an influential blogger, but I already posted 'bout that. Then I walk into the office as my secretary was leavin' a message on the answerin' machine tellin' me she would not be in today because she is in the hospital. It seems this pregnancy is not goin' easily. I am not surprised that she is continuin' to have difficulties, I was just surprised that she had been hospitalized. I actually did pick up the phone and was able to speak with her before she hung up. Her spirits were good. I was glad for that. She was primarily worried about how I was gonna get along without her. It will be difficult, to be sure, but I am more concerned about my havin' to pay her for today when she was not able to work. However, she works for what I can afford to pay her and she does put forth a lot of effort and gets a lot done when she is able. If she needs a day here and there, due to health and family problems, I just count it as part of runnin' a small business. To do otherwise, I would likely have to hire someone who expects to be paid more than I gross on a monthly basis. Very Important news is contained in the extended entry ... somethin' you likely do not want to miss.

After I hung up with Sam[antha], I checked the messages on my answerin' machine. There was only one message and it from someone who mentioned they were lookin' for someone with my name that lived in a town where I used to live. They left a name that sounded very familiar, but I could not recall anythin' 'bout the person. It turns out it was a very close friend of mine and my late wife from the time when she had died,. Carrie had cared for the dogs I had at that time while I spend most of the time carin' for my wife, either in the hospital or travelin' back and forth from Dallas to Carlsbad, NM where she lived the last weeks of her life. We had a pleasant conversation and caught up on what has been happening' in both our lives. It seems she divorced and remarried. Her kids are now grown but she has young step daughters and seems to be stayin' pretty busy clearin' up some old business havin' to do with her prior relationship. I explained to her how I came to live where I live and why I liked living here in notCrawford. I told her my email address and the URL of this blog. It was kinda surprisin' to hear from someone from my past like that.

I had just hung up from talkin' to her and had gone to the back of the office to [TMI] when I heard the entry bell ring. I completed my business hurriedly and rushed out of the men's room. I shouted to let whoever it was know I was in the back of the office and was comin' their way. My visitor turned out to be some guy with two plats full of ripe strawberries. He said that someone had bought them for me. He set them on my counter and left as I watched with what I assume was an utterly perplexed look upon my face. I ate a couple of the strawberries and they were delicious. I then locked the door and walked the square, located his truck, and attempted to investigate in an attempt to locate my mysterious strawberry patron. No one seemed to possess any relevant information about the identity of the mystery person, however. Followin' my failed investigation attempt, I returned to my office. I ate a couple more of the strawberries, and began to try to figure out what I was gonna do with two plats of strawberries. I don't really eat all that much fresh fruit. I rarely even eat at home. If I do, it is usually somethin' that is prepackaged and microwaveable, or easily heated in a pre-heated oven. Admittedly, almost anythin' that does make it into my refrigerator generally develops mold before I ever look for it again. Current residents in my fridge are a jar of pickles, a can or two of Dublin Dr. Pepper, and some old dried up baked potato I never got around to eatin'. So, I was thinkin' about takin' them to my friend's store and just lettin' him give them away when the proverbial light bulb flashed over my head: I ended up donatin' them to the local food bank. The food bank personnel were delighted to have received them and said they would be a very special treat for some of our less fortunate citizens. So, to whomever gave me the strawberries: I thank you for your gift and the sentiment involved and I dearly thank you for providin' me with another opportunity to help people in my community.

As I drove back the two short blocks from the food bank to my office, I had no sooner parked when I saw someone for whom I had been intendin' to call. Bill is the guy who organizes the Lion's Club golf tournament. He had previously asked me if I would draw up a hold harmless agreement he could use in connection with the tournament. I had done drafted one yesterday and presented him with my proposal. He was very pleased with the document, and we discussed a couple of modifications that would be necessary so as it use it with multiple parties. I am elated to have be able to do somethin' for the Lion's Club. So many of the other members donate products to sell when we have fund raisers, but I really have nuthin' to offer. It ain't like I can donate a certificate for 50% off on a divorce or free defense on your next DWI arrest.

While I was talkin' to Bill on the sidewalk in front of the office, Jim Brady, the Commander of my American Legion Post drove by. He rolled down his window and reminded me that I had yet to type up the minutes from our last meetin'. I again made a mental note to try to recall where I put my notes. As he drove off, the next car at the stop sign was one of my staunchest supporters for my County Attorney race. I waved her over to discuss some issues with another candidate's sign I had taken down prematurely. It seems they are in a run-off. I had removed all the signs from my front fence on the eve after the primary because State Election Law requires them to be taken down. We can put them back up 90 days prior to the November election. I have not even purchased signs yet, as I have not raised any money yet. Well, actually, the person I was speakin' with has raised some on my behalf. I forgot to ask her if I had enough to buy the helium balloons I want to give away at the 4th of July Parade. Oh well, there is still a bit of time between now and then. Overall, it was surprisin' that I happened to chance upon three people that I needed to speak with or that needed to speak with me, lined up like they did. Usually, I would have run into one at the post office, another at the grocery store, and would have had to call the third one later this evenin'.

I saved the biggest surprise of the mornin for last. Pixy Misa contacted me via email about the disappearance of Cherry. I explained to him that there was no cause for alarm. Cherry found a higher callin', she says, and has given up on bloggin'. However, it had been suggested on previous occasions that I was welcome to become a full member of the munu universe. I have begun negotiations to finally move T:RR into the munu realm. If I continue to keep bloggin' in connection with my legal practice, I can use this space for things of a more local nature. If the move goes as I foresee it, I will l kick Kang out of his home. He has become too Apathetic to even Abjectly Procrastinate. I fear that he, too, has completely given up on bloggin' . Even the bartender seems to have cooled on the idea of assistin' him with the bloggin' efforts.. I guess there is just so much one can expect from kangaroos, after all. The move may happen quickly and I am hopeful that there won't be too many of ya''ll who will be surprised if ya come here lookin' for T:RR and it is gone. It won't be gone -- it will one be where it should have been a long time ago, nestled among its friends: Ambient Irony (Pixy) [esteemed patron and benefactor of all things munu], Practical Penumbra (Susie), Stranger in a Strange Land (Tim), Jennifer's History and Stuff, Rocket Jones (Ted), Mookie Riffic; The Cheese Stands Alone (Lee Ann), Roxette Bunny; Caught in the X fire (Stevie); Angelweave (Heather), Anger Management (Don), Snooze Button Dreams (Jim), Everyday Stranger (Helen), Madfish Willie's, Annika's Poetry and Journal, and a host of new citizens with whom I have yet to become acquainted.

Posted by notGeorge at March 16, 2004 01:08 PM

That's awesome Tiger! Yet another step towards MuNu taking over the world.

Mwah hah hah hah hah hah!

Posted by: Jim at March 16, 2004 01:29 PM

Any time you can be "nestled in" with Annika, I think you're making strides forward.

The end.

Posted by: zombyboy at March 16, 2004 01:59 PM