March 18, 2004

What is goin' on here?

Well, I have noticed that a lot of look-sees without much activity has been goin' on today. I did not post much and probably won't do so much until the move is over. After all, I have already done an export of my posts on this server a day or so ago, and so anythin' posted afterward, I will have to transfer by hand.

I am complete worn out. I am so glad tomorrow is Friday, and thanks partly to what occurred today, tomorrow is gonna be a pretty easy day. I had two different guys that were supposed to have hearin's on their criminal cases, but the DA had them brought down today. I guess when I told him that one had accepted the plea bargain, so that we were not havin' to go to trial on such case on March 29 and that I would be in the other court this mornin', he decided to save me a bit of gas. So after I took care of passin' on 4 client's pre-trials, I went across the floor and plead the other two out, and as such, there was no necessity to go there tomorrow to plead one of them and attempt to get the other one's bond lowered. Of course, as with all great things that come along, there was a mistake made on one of the client's sheets with their probation conditions, where the probation officer put the wrong offense on it, we are gonna have to plead him again. Thankfully, there was still a hold on him for somethin' else, so he is still sittin' in jail awaitin' to be transported to take care of the other matter. If it had been the other client, we might have had a hard time gettin' him back in court, as I understood he made it out of jail and was home before I got back to my office and called his mother to tell her to expect him to call her to let her know to come pick him up from jail. The one whose plea has to be done all over will be brought back down early Monday mornin'. That is almost as bad, though, as anythin' else I could think of that could have happened. I hate havin' to be in court in the neighborin' town before 9:00 as it means I have to get up bright and early and get the fork out of the house instead of bein' able to come in here and check my email, see how many visitors I got overnight, as well to see if anyone commented and crud like that. Havin' to get up that damn early on Monday mornin' sucks like crud. Of course, I would have had to go through the same thing the next Monday if he had not decided to take that plea bargain, and I would have also had to be ready to start a long nasty trial. I guess I ought not bitch too much, huh?

Well, as usual, however, after a really long day, and especially a really long day followin' right after another really long day, I am about dead on my feet. No sleepwalkiin' tonight, I am sure, even if I do still feel like a zombie. I am lookin' down at my navel right now and will be really glad to tell all ya'll that it is pink and right in the middle of my plump belly as expected. No zombie belly button here. My head and feet are the biggest problems ... as well as my hand ...which decided to hurt like Hell™ again tonight. I might as well tell ya'll: Two months, two weeks, three days, 22 hours, 6 minutes and 56 seconds has elapsed since I last took a puff off of a nasty cigarette and that now means 2727 cigarettes not smoked, allowin' me to save $545.45 in cash as well as possibly extendin' my life an additional 1 week, 2 days, 11 hours, 15 minutes. Additionally, I had a bacon, egg and cheese breakfast burrito from Sonic® and a chicken-fried steak smothered in cream gravy, with green beans, fried squash and mashed taters ... talked the gal into lettin' me have the jello and pineapple salad which was a vegetable choice as my dessert instead of whatever type of puddin' filled with fruit cocktail that was supposed to be the dessert. I also ate the roll, but was too stuffed to eat the cornbread. I ate two of those slim pepperoni sticks on my way home after work. I have had 128 ounces or so of Dr. Pepper®. My secretary today mentioned how she had been pleased to see my comin' in eatin' somethin' for breakfast here lately, as she was really worried I was not gettin' enough to eat. I think my plump belly is evidence that I got a bit of stored fat to use, just in case I ain't quite gettin' all the calories I need. Now how many of ya'll were able to stay around for all of that? If ya did, I am really proud to know you actually care. ;) End of report ... finally.

Posted by notGeorge at March 18, 2004 10:16 AM