March 25, 2004

The comment that just begged to be FISKED

I am sorry, but this is going to be very long.

Well Well Tiger-----or notgeorge------Roguegenius-----Teabag iii--------Big Cat-------or whatever your schizophrenic demented mind has decided to call yourself today......
Well, well, classycourtlady. It was nice of you to step out of the shadows and show yourself. Oh wait. You didn't really do that, did you? You left us a link to a yahoo profile that did not show us who you were or give us any way to know who you are.
It is time that you are knocked off your self-constructed pedestal and your fellow bloggers learn the real truth about you. I admonish you to publish this comment in its entirety on your site for all to read and absorb and if you do not, I intend to publish this entire post next week in the Glen Rose Reporter complete with quotes from your own blogs to substantiate my claims. This is not a threat---it is a promise.
Here it is, published with pleasure. Nothing extracted. Publish what you wish, though I suspect the quotations will be taken so completely out of context so that you can put the words in my mouth that you wish I had actually said.
You are so full of yourself and your own sense of superiority that you even brag about how you have to look DOWN on other people and the majority of people are so totally stupid compared to your vast intellect.
Oh, thanks for putting words in my mouth. I do know what my IQ score is, and if that actually is any indicator of intelligence, I am among the higher percentile of humanity.
Well Tiger, it took a member of the "Puritan Gestapo" less than five minutes to locate your new site after you moved it.
As I am almost sure you are not a member of what I am calling the Puritan Gestapo, but are actually one of the very close supporters of the incumbent, I am guessing you are not the one who found the new site. However, in that, I might be mistaken. It just fascinates me that anyone really took the time to do that search.
It actually really comical to read about all your frantic efforts to move everything to your new secret site and to delete and edit all your former posts when you are too busy bragging about your own cunningness to realize your vile and perverted utterances had all been copied on several peoples computers so that "Big Cat" will be able to eat his own words for a long time to come----complete and unedited!
I am so glad that you found something humorous in my writing. I readily admit that I did replace the four letter combination "fuck" with "fork" within the body of the blog after the move, and converted "crap" to "crud" because such hardly really changed the context of my posts and was something I considered after my discussions with the Puritan Gestapo. All references to myself I changed to other words; all references to the town where I live, I changed to notCrawford; and all references to the county I changed to notClark. These were done not so much to hide the blog but to try to remove it from being of any effect on the politics of the area.
I'm not sure anyone is really interested in your sick fascination with your own navel
I don't have the time to read back through all of the posts and the comments thereto, but I am very sure I have several fans of the Nightly Navel Gazin' Report™ which would be readily apparent if someone actually took the time to read everything instead of just picking and choosing this and that. Oh, and as you apparently are not aware, Navel Gazing is a euphemism for introspective thinking . . . and the Nightly Navel Gazin' Report™ is a parody on such phenomenon
or the recent numerous posts concerning your genitalia being envious of the attention you were showing your navel
but it will make good reading material
I have always considered them to be excellent reading, often the best post of the day
if you continue your manic attacks on individuals that are the backbone of this community.
Before I became aware that you or whoever had originally located my blog, I was completely unaware that anyone in the local area, other than one of two close friends, read such. It was never my intent on this blog to attack anyone and I do not do so now. I name no names or have I identified the town or county in this blog. I attempted to remove it from any political discussion. If you consider the truthful statements contained herein to be attacks on people, it is only because you have identified me and you know where I live and are familiar with the people I describe.
You chose to write the material, post it on the internet using a forum which was not password protected or private, and then cried foul when your own words came back to haunt you.
I was first shocked and surprised that anyone local even read any of this. I had never advertised the location of my blog or even my minimalist website locally. The only real foul, however, is the twisting of my words into half-truths and rumors and the mis-characterization of my morality by a few self-righteous individuals because I used words of which they disapprove.
I agree with the posts from UCL and David Giacalone
I do suppose you are actually referring to the comments made to Evan's post.. We won't make much of your lack of knowledge with proper vernacular
....the person who goes by the name of "Tiger" and "notgeorge" one very sick individual.
Thank you for giving us a fine example of how you attempt to twist things into half-truths. Neither UCL nor David Giacalone said I was a "sick individual" and yet you purposely constructed that sentence to make it appear that they had done so. Kudos for the attempt. I am sure your rumors are as craftily constructed.
You have no business practicing law
I advise you to present all evidence that you have with regard to my inability to effectively practice law to the State Bar of Texas
.....much less running for a public office.
I suppose we shall have to let the voters decide that.
You post pictures of your "navel" complete with pubic hair showing and a couple of pictures in both boxer shorts and jockey shorts,
Did you find such sights to be offensive? If so, I am almost sure you never go outside in the summertime.
give your full name of Terence Russell from Glen Rose, Texas
You seem to want to make a big deal out of identifying me so as to interject this whole matter into the politics of notClark County where I did my best to do just the opposite.
and then you want to cry because you say those were supposed to be private posts.
I guess I was confused as one begins to feel this utter sense of anonymity after years on the Internet. I was, however, not afraid to identify myself or where I resided for fear that some psychopathic killer would come looking for me.
One only needs to read your posts and insane ramblings to see that you are demented and a pervert.
Only one who is completely devoid of any sense of humor, takes everything at face value, does not realize that things are often embellished for the sake becoming more entertaining, and is looking for things that do not actually exist. You are getting very close to stumbling into the realm of utter defamation.
What is your fascination with your own navel
Again, the Nightly Navel Gazin' Report™ is a parody on the use of the term "navel gazing" as a euphemism for introspective thinking.
and those of very young girls?
Please define what you are intimating by saying "very young girls?" I suspect we are getting into that half-truth twisting scenario where you are attempting to intimate something that is entirely false and baseless.
What about the posts saying that after seeing a picture of a young adolescent girl, you entertain the thought of what it would be like to spend 5 to 99 years in prison?
I suspect that you are talking about this post. of mine from September 6, 2003. I am quite sure that everyone but you would understand that the point I was making is that despite the fact that the model was likely over the age of consent, her appearance, dress and that very provocative pose made it distasteful in my opinion. I posted that to maybe give one or two people, especially Michele who had used such picture as the background on her blog, pause for thought.
Mr. Russell, the old term for that crime was statutory rape.
We got formal all of a sudden. What crime are we speaking of: the crime of thinking that it is improper to lust after girls below the legal age of consent? That was the viewpoint that I had thought I properly presented in that post.
You claim to be against the War on Drugs
I am
Well, the full response would be a bit expansive for this scenario, but the short answer is that I feel we are incarcerating way too many non-evil citizens with the result of depriving way too many families of breadwinners. Families suffer and the responsibility for the lives of both the incarcerated person and their families become the tax payers'
......maybe because on August 28,1980 you were charged with Possession of Marijuana over 4 oz.
You know this how? You were there?
Since you like to bring up people's past criminal history, I just thought people would like to be aware of yours.
How very thoughtful.
You cry foul because the young man in your post today who was guilty of DUI was given a lenient sentence and in fact lost his job over it
I was not so concerned with the young man, as I understood he made a mistake. My whole concern was the utter lack of ethics displayed by those who gave him preferential treatment because of his position and close association with such people. He lost his job due to some determination from the District Judges resulting from such scenario. I am not privy to the reasons why they decided to terminate his employment exactly. It actually might be that such employment would not have been terminated if he had been duly convicted and sentenced for the actual crime committed instead of such having been effectively swept under the carpet by the local officials.
when in fact you yourself served four years non-adjudicated probation and had your own indiscretion erased from record.........or so you thought.
I never took a single action to cause anything on my criminal record to be erased so did not have any such thought.
What's the don't like the idea of law being just as fair for one as it is for the other?
Actually that is the prime tenet of my campaign, that what is fair for one is fair for all. You, however, have attempted to compare apples and oranges. If I had committed the crime as you allege, and if I had received the sentence you described, and if I had successfully completed the sentence and such was effectively removed from the record, how does that compare with someone committing a crime in which most everyone else gets 2 years probation who ends up paying only a fine and getting a conviction for what amounts to a traffic violation?
Your last comment: "I just wonder at the number of people who possibly ignored their official ethical obligations in this travesty of justice" seems to imply that you prefer to smear someone else's name and those people who fairly and impartially rendered their decision in the case
I would quibble with there having been any fair and impartial decision making in such case
rather that learn from your own mistakes and stand accountable for your own illegal actions in the past.
If I committed such crime as you allege and if I was sentenced to such sentence as you describe, would I have not done everything I was legally obligated to do to stand accountable for such illegal action? I suspect both the State Bar of Texas and the area District Judges would have looked into such matter at some point and would have agreed that such accounting was complete and a matter for the past. Let me see, was not 1980 about 25 years ago? Hmmm.
MMMMmmmmmmmm......over 4 oz of marijuana.......felony charge wasn't it?
I think it still is
State of Texas issued you a state id number of 02296550 didn't they Tiger?
I do not recognize such number nor know to what it refers. You definitely have me there. I know my TDL number, my SS number and my State Bar number and it is none of those. I am just unfamiliar with such supposed state id number.
How do I know?
You committed a crime in order to find that information. I can't prove it, but I know what resources would provide that information and know how and where someone could get access to such resources. I also know it is a crime to use such information for other than official purposes. Like I said, I can't prove it, but I know.
The internet is a wealth of information if you know where to look for it and I know where.
Yeah, it is, but I know that information was not received via the internet, but you can continue to promote that facade if it makes you comfortable.
You also have several IRS tax liens against you.
Again, several does seem to be stretching the truth a bit, but such are a matter of record.
Want to tell your devoted readers how much you owe the government
Somewhere in the neighborhood of $25,000 which is roughly a bunch of interest and penalties tacked onto an amount of non-paid taxes in an amount much less than that figure, the payment thereof a priority which I expect to address from the pay I will receive when I win the County Attorney seat.
and how many people you have already stiffed out of money in the short time you have been here in this little community of Glen Rose?
You do realize that some of your allegations come very close to being libelous, and this one gets very close to the line. I know of no one that I have ever stiffed out of money. I know of some who think they paid too much, but that is usual in the practice of law. However, there are procedures within the State Bar itself which are designed to deal with any disputes regarding the amount of fees and I have never been to any hearings regarding any claim regarding any fees I received. I actually have many many clients I have continued to represent despite the fact that they did not pay in accordance with their agreement, and find that the courts in the local area only pay half of what the courts in the surrounding counties pay for the same services in court appointed cases. Please do not attempt to allege that I am cheating people unless you have evidence to present to substantiate the proof of such. It just goes to show how you are willing to promote half-truths and rumors so as to demean my character.
You constantly reference the fact that you are a widower and lost your wife 10 years ago but do you also want to tell your readers about your prior comment on your former site that before she died tragically of anorexia, she got pregnant and had a miscarriage so at least you know you don't shoot blanks?
I freely admit to the truth of all of that and still see nothing shameful about it. My wife died, I am childless, but because of her pregnancy, I know that I am not sterile. It is so evident that you want to twist things around so badly to make something of me that is not true, but having even brought this matter up is so ridiculous, you really ought to be ashamed to have mentioned it.
You are one sick puppy.
You have no basis for saying that other than your severe lack of any sense of humor.
You state that it is your belief that when a young girl starts menstruating then it should be okay for her to have sex with anyone regardless of age and the male should face no punishment simply because she is able to bear children
No, again, you mis-characterize something I have written and attempt to twist the words to make it appear that I said something wholly appalling and morally reprehensible. I do question portions of the law dealing with sex crimes, but then I have several cases involving these issues pending before the District Courts and am forced to think about such issues often, and often also discuss such with others in my field quite often. My main purpose for having even breached the subject on this blog was in hopes of getting some of the female viewpoint as to the mind set of post pubescent girls from some of the adult women in my audience
.......this coming from a 48 year old man
almost 49
who not only wants to still become a father
but you lust
I am not quite sure "lust" is accurate, as in my definition, such entails only a prurient desire for sex which I have long abandoned
after young girls
Again, I quibble with your word choice, as "young girls" are different from "young women" in my way of thinking.
as evidenced by your posts
I'll let the readers decide what is evidenced by my posts, and I suspect your opinion is mostly due to the fact that you are adverse to my campaign for County Attorney and that you lack any meaningful sense of humor, and tend to characterize everything about me in the worst light possible
and also your actions in connection with certain females in the community.
I only know of one who has any opinion that I acted less than proper at all times, and from my understanding, she has only expressed that I made her feel uncomfortable, which is a far cry from her claims to me that she was sexually harassed by several men in her recent past including a previous employer. It was never my intent to make her feel uncomfortable nor do I recall having ever acted improperly.
Maybe the local law enforcement needs to be advised of some of your actions?
I am almost positive that if there was one iota of proof that I have done anything unlawful, they would have already been alerted.
If you were the county attorney, how are you supposed to handle cases dealing with Child Protective Services?
Like I will handle all cases which become my responsibility: in accordance with the dictates of law and the Rules of Professional Responsibility promulgated for members of the State Bar of Texas for all attorneys and in accordance with the Constitutions of the United States and the State of Texas.
Your latest post chose to drag up a DUI incident that happened to a former county employee several years ago as you chose to sling mud.
That post had absolutely no effect on anything or anyone, as I had taken steps to remove all reference to the geographic location of such. I would not have written anything at all about it, except that people from local ISPs were continually visiting so as to try to dig up any imaginable tiny crumbs of dirt as they could twist into rumors and half-truths to spread around to discredit my character, I thought if maybe I posted about one of the more embarrassing episodes I know about the incumbent, maybe all of you would go away, leave me alone, and quit passing this link around to everyone in a continued attempt to involve this blog in the local political race. However, now I am almost sure that the link to this blog will be published for any and all who care to come and read every little tidbit for themselves. See, although you have no sense of humor, I am fairly confident that the majority of the general population of notClark County will find this whole scenario quite humorous.
Haven't you heard that people who live in glass houses should not throw stones???
I have previously heard that.
What about your New Year's post which also references your own abuse of alcohol and black out while behind the wheel of a car, waking up in your car facing a wall of a building you did not recognize
It was a total fabrication that I created for the entertainment of my readers
.....or your recent post "March 06, 2004: I went. I saw, I drank, I drank some more, I told some jokes, I came home." How did you get home Tiger after consuming all that
Well, of course, I did not drink a great amount of beer, as I am a very responsible person who after being involved as legal counsel in hundreds of DWI cases have come to understand all too well the dangers involved with impairment and the operation of large fast-moving hunks of metal. One of the last people I saw was a member of the Sheriff's Department of Blanco County, who was chatting with me as I was walking to my car. I am almost sure that if I had been in the least impaired, he would not have allowed me to have driven out of the parking lot. I had four beers over seven hours, and none for 2 hours prior to my trip home.
Maybe the local law enforcement also needs to keep an eye on you closer and see if you can get one of those DUI's on your record like the young man who's history you chose to air in public.
Again, I am sure that if they find probable cause to believe I am driving while intoxicated, they will do their duty. I will be arrested and charged with DWI.
If elected to office, one of your main duties would be to prosecute DUI offenders.
Yes, and I relish the thought of getting to do that. Of course, I will be prosecuting DWI offenders, as that is the correct legal vernacular for the offense. I believe my conviction rate will soon greatly testify to my prosecutorial effectiveness
I would drum you out of the courtroom before you even got started.
Well, in such event, you would either be a legal adversary with very formidable skills or a layperson attempting to obstruct justice. As I do not know who you are, I cannot determine which you would likely be.
Now sling some more mud about the mistakes of others and I will quote you several more of your own indiscretions.
I am always very forgiving of other people's mistakes. It is the blatant disregard for ethics that I could not seem to keep my mouth shut about. It hurts to hear the truth
You see, there are many people in this town that you think are your supporters and friends when the fact is, everything that comes out of your babbling mouth is recorded for future use.
I must really scare the heck out of ya'll.
Keep talking, you are good at sticking your foot in your mouth.
Yes, but they say that is part of my charm.
Oh yes by the way, the post you made concerning the squirming young child on your lap and your subsequent arousal
I never stated I became aroused. Again, you seek to put words into my mouth that I did not say.
from the incident can be published at any time in full
I also have it printed out and carry a copy of it around in my car. Anyone that would like to read it, please see me and I will be more than happy to show it to you.
and it was not posted as you say to promote an intellectual discussion but in fact was just another one of your perverted attempts to shock and titillate your "colleagues."
And you know this how? There was nothing at all about that post that had any design to titillate anyone.
You have gone back several times when you realized that you stuck your big foot in your mouth and changed or deleted several of your posts to try to cover up your blunders and indiscriminate slandering insults towards members of this community and the Republican party.
As far as I know, I did nothing to cover up anything dealing with this community and the current political races prior to having learned that people from the local community were reading this blog. Having learned of such, I did take some steps to remove certain items in response and like I said, to convert a few of the objectionable words that had been pointed out. As I had been questioned about the purpose of the squirming baby post by someone for whom I feel a lot of respect, I felt it was definitely too highly subject to the type of misinterpretation which you so elegantly showcased, so pulled it. I also pulled one about the local wildlife park, solely in an effort to conceal my location from people who might accidentally wander onto this site and the political fiasco into which this blog has been propelled. From your previous comments, I now know that there was never any accidental finding of my site. It seems that you have been consciously watching my every online activity since you likely learned I would be opposing the incumbent.
Your newfound morale boost which came from the "Sunday School" teacher for the local Methodist Church was a complete joke within itself. Your new friend was the laughing stock of town until you came along. I'm sure you were eating up his words when he said, "that if he heard anything' about him spreading' stuff around about me, that he would not be the head of anything' in the area for very long." He no more has the power to oust anyone from their position of leadership in the political realm of things than you do. You deserve each other. You are both losers. Check out and see what your Sunday School buddy actually owns in this area. The answer is NOTHING!
Oh well, you may be entirely correct, but my observations tell me differently. I suppose time will tell if his support for my cause is a joke and whether he has any power. I was at the Lincoln/Reagan Day Dinner and he appeared to have the admiration of all that attended.
Why do you continue to attack "your opponent, his family, and his dope smoking biker buddies"
and again, you misquoted what I said, as I said his dope smoking or biker friends and only posted that in a strike-through manner
when you do not have the foggiest idea just how many citizens of this area are in fact kin to your opponent,
No, I truly don't but have guessed it is likely close to half of them.
you are so stupid that you do not realize that some of the most prominent citizens and elected officials are members of the motorcycle club
I only know who one or two of the members are, other than the incumbent, and have nothing but the utmost respect for the ones I do know. The ones I don't know, I did not want to make assumptions about, hence the reason for the "or" in such statement, and as the only reference I actually had regarding anyone involved smoking dope was overhearing a conversation where one person was telling another person that they used the same dealer as a certain member of that cycle group, and, hence, was why I used the strike-through. When that was posted -- again, I was unaware that anyone remotely associated with the local area was reading anything posted on the blog, so my mention there was more of an interesting side note than any attempt to embarrass anyone
and in fact would like to see your face rearranged for your vile comments about them,
I am sorry they have such sentiments, and I again state that my basis for even mentioning dope smoking with regard to any member of that motorcycle club was due to having overheard someone else's conversation regarding the matter. I did not and would not have named any names even if I had known them.
and last but not lease, there are a great many people in the Republican Party who cringed when you filed to run because you are a disgrace to the community as a whole.
I can only stand upon the actions I have shown during my four years of citizenship. I cannot imagine how any sane rational individual could ever characterize me as a disgrace to the community, but I am sure we have our share of our insane and/or irrational people who will think otherwise.
That might be true. I think I will wait until November to see.
You are a "loose cannon"
I was thinking more along the lines of being a free thinker and not guided by my compulsions to lay my ethics to the side when it came to ensuring that all of notClark County was treated equally by the County Attorney's Office
and need not only to be defeated in the election
It could happen and I would have just let it more of a popularity contest and not gotten into the dirt, until you and yours decided to drag my blog into the fray. Now the gloves are off. Ya'll spies and skulkers should have just clammed up and not let me have gotten wind that ya'll were around.
but also run out of town.
You know, guys like me are hard to run off. I feel the spirit of a big man, and I might just dig in for the long run, even if I end up living in a cave or something.
I pity the community you decide to "improve" next but I wish one of your bleeding heart supporters on your site would invite you to move there with them......and now!
Except for the few really choice individuals like yourself that just seethe with evil hatred for me and everything I stand for, I like the people of this area. I really like my opponent, as a person. I just do not feel he is the best person to be the attorney for the citizenry of notClark County.
In your very first post, I quote: "BLOGS are powerful stuff, according to one article I ran across, powerful enough to have assisted in the downfall of TRENT LOTT. And now, I have begun one, and that may eventually lead to my very own downfall. From where I am standing, that does not seem to be all that far to fall . . . so my gamble is small."
To save the rest of you the trouble of looking, that post is here.
It is true that you do not have far to fall because you are at rock bottom on the scale of humanity.
Is that statement not just totally dripping with hatred?
If you choose to continue your campaign for county attorney and want to make a total fool out of yourself, this rate you will probably get even less votes in the general election when everyone learns of your nature than the number of votes you got in the primary but I caution you to stop the mud slinging or you will not like the outcome.
I will likely not like the outcome if I lose. Not because I have not already imagined how that eventuality will affect me, but because I will cringe at the thought that the poor citizens of notClark County will continue to be represented by someone who prosecutes only the ones he chooses to prosecute. Not all inside the Sheriff's Department are pleased seeing some of the cases getting thrown out.
You like to do I and I do it better than you.
I wonder who is doing the bragging now, even though I am sure almost everyone would agree that you do not write anywhere near as well as I do, but feel free to retain that opinion.
Again, this is not a threat, it is a promise.
I guess I am unsure exactly to what "this" is referring?
You have come to the wrong place and are messing with the wrong people.
Oh, it is the right place, and I am the right man for the job, and as to messing with the wrong people . . . are these the people who will do anything, whether lawful or not, and say anything, whether truthful or not, to keep finding favoritism in the County Attorney's Office?

Posted by notGeorge at March 25, 2004 01:29 PM | TrackBack

Excellent fisking, George. What an absolute nutjob.

You've got a couple messed up [blockquote] tags in there you might want to look at.

Posted by: Jim at March 25, 2004 02:32 PM

and she called herself *classy*? Wow! Obviously, my definition of classy is waaaaay off base then...I thought it meant someone who behaved WITH class, not someone who needs classes in proper behavior! As for her writing ability, well, let's just say thirteen-year-old writes better, and doesn't need to stoop to threats and insults to express himself. How embarassing for her to exhibit her stupidity so blatantly. One would hope that the rest of the Puritan Gestapo will see her comment and mock her properly.

Posted by: candy at March 25, 2004 02:53 PM

Wow. What a loon. Makes me want to move there just so I can vote for you.

Posted by: Jennifer at March 25, 2004 03:54 PM

That whole thing makes me sad. Well done, sir.

Posted by: jen at March 25, 2004 04:21 PM

Oh, by the way, ClassyCourtLady, the last commenter, jen, she works for the Department of Justice, just in case you wanted to have some idea who thought what I had to say was worth reading.

Posted by: notGeorge at March 25, 2004 04:44 PM

That was beautiful. I have to agree with Jennifer...I wish I were a voter in your county!

Posted by: Deb at March 25, 2004 06:15 PM

And I'm a Republican to boot. =)

Way to sic her on me. Maybe she'll try to out me now. Not that I'm running for anything - except dinner, maybe.

Posted by: jen at March 25, 2004 06:33 PM

I'd vote for you. Unfortunately I am not local.

notGeorge for president!

:-) Good luck with the election!

Posted by: Ozguru at March 25, 2004 06:37 PM

I am sorry, Jen. I was not intending to sic her on you. However, I wanted her to be mindful of the quality of people I have reading my blog. I mean you do work indirectly for U. S. Attorney General John Ashcroft. ;)

Posted by: notGeorge at March 25, 2004 07:00 PM

Great fisking, Tig--notGeorge!!!! I am in awe of your ability to restrain your temper--she really ticked me off, and I'm proud of your deliberate response!

Posted by: Susie at March 25, 2004 07:37 PM

She makes me ashamed to be of the same gender. Thankfully, I can pretty much be sure I'm of a higher species. And Susie is right... I admire your restraint. She certainly didn't deserve it, that's for sure.

Posted by: LeeAnn at March 25, 2004 08:01 PM

Good grief, what a rabid piece of work she is. Classy? Yeah, right. More like bloodless and vampiric.

If she got any more self-absorbed, she'd collapse into herself like a small black hole.

Tig, if I could I'd vote for you in a hot minute. And I'd flip her off every time I saw her in public.


Posted by: Denita TwoDragons at March 25, 2004 08:39 PM

Whatta aunt, with a 'c' instead of an 'a'!! Holy Jesus, man.
If that trash-talking piece of shit is a representation of the incumbent, he needs to be locked up, let alone voted out. So should she be, by the way...locked up in a nuthut.
Having somewhat of an 'interesting' past involving weed myself, I usually consider, I mean prosecutors to be among the lowest life forms God ever saw fit to pollute the planet with. HOWEVER...when I saw YOU might become one, I thought to myself, " intelligent one. That'll be a first...or maybe a second. There IS Vince Bugliosi, after all."
I would have voted for you myself, if I could, in the first place. Now what I want to know is: Is there anything I can do to help make sure ya win?
Prosecutor's race or not...if this is what'll make you happy, then I'm all for it. Plus, I have to admit, it'd be great to watch this ignorant, self-important, uninformed, malicious twat implode when ya win.
You do know, don't ya, that this idiot CAN be traced and outed. If IT left a comment and you have any kind of decent tracking system (and I DO NOT mean Site Meter...go get Stat Counter-that has an actual MAP that pinpoints locations and gives ya just TONS of in-depth info), all ya hafta do is get the IP and let me have it. I know people who can tell ya shit, up to and including home addresses and phone numbers...anything ya wanna know.
So friggin' brave, so COMMITTED to her cause, so SURE she's right, she can't even leave her real name.
What a gutless, brainless, ball-less wonder she is.
Are ya sure she HAS a pussy and just ISN'T one?
Please, ClasslessCuntLady...come on over to my site.
I'll out yer skanky ass faster'n an ingrown hair.

Now, Tig...Sorry to get so vitriolic in yer comments, but, I swear to Sweet Jesus, this kinda shit just totally pisses me off. This bullshit is one of the biggest things wrong with politics in this country.
Plus, she's just a disgrace to the female sex, anyway.
If she REALLY wants to help the incumbent, she needs to sit the hell down and shut the hell up. People find out he goes for this kinda shit, it'll do him more harm than good, if the people down there in Texas are worth the powder to blow 'em to hell, which I believe most of 'em are.

Good GAWD...what an assnugget! *shudder*

Posted by: Stevie at March 25, 2004 09:38 PM

Dang, that lady has some issues. I wish you well notGeorge. I would humorously offer to vote for you from my state of residence but then she will probably accuse you of voter fraud. SO I shall state it in this way. If I were a resident of your county, I would have no problem voting for you based upon what I have read from your blog. Would that more politicians used this format to show their true personalities and character. Would that it could be a sanctuary of sorts for the writers, that they could speak freely. Everyone could read it but opponents could not use it against the writer. Voters could make their own decisions. I'd say that your blog shows that you have nothing to hide, it also shows a great deal of courage to speak honestly about your views instead of hiding behind canned phrases. I salute you, Sir, and hope that your efforts bear fruit.

Posted by: The Bull at March 25, 2004 10:06 PM

Most excellent fisking!!!

Four beers in seven hours would barely register on any blood test much less a breathalizer. By my rough calculations from your stats, you would have had less than one beer in your bloodstream at that point, especially not having drank anything for the last two hours.

Your troll has tons of class... all of it low!

Posted by: Madfish Willie at March 25, 2004 10:10 PM

Hey there - I came over from LeeAnn's, I don't think I've been to your site before - sadly it seems as if I don't have enough time to get to all the places I'd really like to visit frequently.

Anyway, I just wanted to say - what a poisonous person. I realize that if she's going to post this somewhere else on the web, you had to answer instead of just deleting the trash. It really is a shame you had to spend all that time on someone so not worth it.

In one way though, you may be lucky. It's so long, so boring and so badly written, even people who might like her (could there be such people in the world?) will find it almost impossible to slog their way to the end. I found myself skipping her comments and just reading your responses as I kept going. Good Work! I'll have to blogroll you so I get you in the loop of visits!

Posted by: Teresa at March 25, 2004 10:18 PM

Oy. What a piece of work.

Hugs to ya, big guy.

Posted by: Da Goddess at March 26, 2004 12:39 AM

No offense, but I quit reading shortly after the marijuana revelation.

I have one question for the "classy" person:


I can't even fathom any news this person could have which would make me stop coming here to read. Or make me stop enjoying what I read. At this point, you can tell me you eat kittens for breakfast, the nightly navel gazin' report is really a euphemism for the perverted sex you're having with Classy's mutant daughter who has three breasts with a nipple ring in each, and you once got caught shoplifting a box of exlax with a bag of weed in your pocket.

And I'll still ask:


Christ, I wish people would get a hobby besides trying to "expose" people in order to save others from association.

Read my lips, Classy: I don't care.

Posted by: Kate at March 26, 2004 03:13 AM

Oh geezus. I go off to work (more like hole myself up to pay my taxes) and stuff like THIS goes on.

For what it's worth, I totally and completely understand what you're going through here.

I mean, I'm not running for office or anything; but I have a ultra- "classy" scum-sucking, bottom-feeding troll from hell. My husband's ex-wife. Psychiatric study, she is. It sucks the life right out of a blogger, doesn't it?

Of course, I was stupid enough to put my NAME in my URL. That's why MY blog will probably self-destruct in a few weeks.

You are a much classier act that that little trollop, m'dear. Hang tough.

Posted by: margi at March 26, 2004 04:59 AM

I'm not worried at all, my blog-friend. And yes, technically I work for President Bush, AG Ashcroft, et al. It's all about the 1st Amendment in blogland, right?

Seems to me she should appreciate such honesty and vulnerability in a candidate.

Posted by: jen at March 26, 2004 08:50 AM

This 'classycourtlady' gives new meaning to the term smarmy.

Posted by: aelfheld at March 26, 2004 09:05 AM

The only reason I can think of to post private information about a person and yet not identify themselves is that they have much to hide.

No, my identity is not posted, but then I've not posted private information about anybody.

When I got to the part that said all these folks in town were related it all fell into place. This person is a result of inbreeding.

My URL can provide more insight into the inner workings of this inbred troll.

Posted by: bob at March 26, 2004 10:32 AM

Holy shit! R (ripples) comes before notGeorge (T)--wasn't
sure what David was commenting about (in reference to you)......What is this chick's ( I only use this term to ID a woman who needs to be called a "chick") agenda? Is she an
old lover? A want-a-be lover? Sleeping with your opponent?
Sleeping with the Republican party? Maybe it's your opponent in drag!

Posted by: OLDCATMAN at March 26, 2004 11:43 AM

admirable restraint tignotGeorge. And brilliantly and honestly defended. I've only just now had time to read the whole thing (it's 5 am down under), and if anything it's made me respect you even more than i already did.

*mumble*small minded bigots intent on destroying other's lives for their own selfish reasons should be shot*mumble*

Posted by: goldie at March 26, 2004 12:26 PM

WOW - came over from Lee Ann's place and am in shock. #1 for what a cretin your troll is and #2 for the amount of restraint you showed. You sir, are a gentleman and that is more than evident in your responses.

Sorry you have to go thru this. Good luck!

Posted by: Tammi at March 26, 2004 07:47 PM

notGeorge, let me just say this: I'm a Republican and a Texan, and I'd vote for you. I don't know what your troll is... but she certainly doesn't act like someone an honest, self-respecting Texan would want supporting them...

Posted by: Jack Grey at March 28, 2004 06:05 AM
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