April 19, 2004

It's almost a Navel Gazin' Report ... no Navel involvement

You seem to hit those flat spots from time to time when there seems to be nothing on your mind new enough or important enough to share, or nothing you really feel like commentin' 'bout. I seem to have hit one of those doldrums the last few days. Thankfully, Saturdays are so slow anyway, I doubt anyone even noticed I posted nothing on that day. Thankfully my Eye on Opus™ carried Sunday as well as that stupid email I got. Today, my secretary was out, so as Murphy's Law would show, I was busy as a beaver answering the phone and had three new clients come in today. One is a criminal case and I signed him up. The other two were divorce cases, and supposedly they will be back as soon as they get paid to allow me to start on the case. I also got a lot of paperwork done. Overall, I had a pretty productive day. That is the good side of today.

I woke up with a sinus headache, as there has been a lot of moisture in the air, just enough to make you think it was going to rain at sometime or the other over the last three days, but it never did. I do suppose there was just enough moisture to allow the mold to grow enough to spread it spores into the air, and that is the cause of my sinus problems. I was able to medicate myself enough that I made it through the day and am not feeling all that bad right now, although the pressure is starting to build up again. I will likely go sit in a hot tub of water for awhile and allow the steam to assist in relieving such. I might even take a couple more sinus tablets, as I probably already have enough in my system to keep me awake all night as usual. Of course, just as usual, I will be able to rest well anyway, so I will be refreshed enough tomorrow to go through my routine.

The downside of it all is that I just did not have time to read anyone's blogs, see what was new on the news or anything. About the only thing that came up I felt like sharing was this blog: Ramblings' Journal. I normally would not rave all that much about a blog*spot blog, and I did have to wait forever for it to load, but I found it to be consistently well written. The tagline tells you what you get:

Politically incorrect thoughts from the edge of Michael King's conservative black mind.
Of course, I am not sure where the politically incorrect thoughts part comes in. Maybe he is referencing the way the left leaning moonbats view his opinions. I didn't see anything that I though would qualify as politically incorrect.

As a last note before I close this long ramblin' catchin' ya up on what is goin' on in my life post, I did think today's horoscope was rather bizarre:

Monday, April 19, 2004 - Your Monday horoscope, Taurus!
A friend will be congratulating you and you will not even hear the good news about yourself. Your internal focus is quite intense; take a break and join the world around you.
Well, I sure don't know what the part about being congratulated and not hearin' 'bout it means, but my internal focus was quite intense for the greater part of the day, and then afterward, I did actually do somethin' a bit unusual. I went down to the local ballfield and watched some little kids play t-ball.

Posted by notGeorge at April 19, 2004 08:43 PM

Thanks for the heads up! I appreciate it!

I'm going to have to get off of B*S - it's becoming more and more problematic to deal with it for a site. Give me a bit of time; I'll be out of there soon enough.

Posted by: mhking at April 19, 2004 09:52 PM

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