April 21, 2004

OK, just follow the little bouncin' ball

OK, let me see if I can give ya''ll a clue as to why I don't do heavy political stuff, take stands in blogwars, or watch much news on TV. We start at a post by Ilyka wherein she states that a certain practice of one Glenn Reynolds aka InstaPundit appears to be sexist. I am suspectin' that I just do not visit InstaPundit often enough to have seen the pattern. However, it looks like a definite case of if the shoe fits, wear it. However, Ilyka's post continued to BuzzMachine which I instantly confused with Buzzstuff , a blog which I read with some regularity. I was concerned that she had a problem with my friend Buzz, so quickly darted to BuzzMachine to see what was the matter. I instantly saw where I had been mistaken, so looked around for somethin' offensive in a sexist sort of way, and found this blurb about Wonkette, who, as you likely know, has been the center of a lot of blogosphere gossip over the last week of so:

Wonkette revisited
: Wonkette -- aka Ana Marie Cox -- was on TV last night. The beginnin' of a career, I tell you. Rumor has it she'll replace Tom Brokaw.
A link was provided that went to Wonkette's site, where said Wonkette (one can only presume) categorically denied that it had been she on TV:
Wonkette: Too Tame for TV?
Some lady callin' herself the Wonkette is supposed to be on CNBC's "Capital Report" tonight (7PM EST, again 10PM EST). But we hear that there was an opportunity to make a comment about John Kerry's gigantic member . . . and she completely blew it. So to speak. Impostor!
I, of course, did not see the televised segment nor not havin' ever seen or cared to see a picture of said Wonkette, would have had no idea if an impostor, indeed, *had appeared.

So, I had to backtrack to Ilyka again to see what it was that she had found distasteful at Jeff Jarvis' [aka BuzzMachine] site. It was a post on A Citizen's Media Association. I can see that there is a myriad of pros and cons regardin' such. I will let those who seem to enjoy pointin' those out to do so. I will just sit back and see what comes out in the wash.

So back to Ilyka, and she points to another post regardin' the Citizen's Media Association. I looked at it long enough to decide I didn't want to read it, and was glad to come back and find that Ilyka had finally had enough as well.

So, onto another matter. After my brief foray into the world of German Bloggs, I thought I might take a gander at what kind of fare you might find on a French Blog. It was hard to locate a listin' that would actually load containin' any French Blogs. I feared that all had surrendered and were now 'mongst German blog listin's. I continued to click links until I finally came across this site: Labo .NET Blogs. It proved to be way too geeky for me. Then I located joube.com, joube bein' the French equivalency of the term blog, it seems. The site also seems to be an equivalent to Blogger or some other blog creation site.Lookin' 'mong the listin's for blogs there, I found Dorry's Journal, or what Babelfish translated to Dorry's Newspaper. About Dorry:

Pseudo: Dorry
Date of birth: February 1987
Sign: Aquarius
City: Paris
Cut: 1m77
Eyes: Chestnuts
Poid: 61 kg
Hair: Brown
Style: Connected
Statute: Free
Day out preferred: Saturday
Smoke: Yes (cigarette, it is all)
Fan: Yes, but of which?
He did not appear to have been at bloggin' for very long, showin' to have started only the day before yesterday. I judged his fare to be of a consistency equivalent to what you find on 17-year-old beginnin' bloggers in the English speakin' countries. I could have continued my search in hopes of findin' an academic or political blogger, but I felt I had found enough adventure for this day.

*The use of the term 'indeed' hereon, in no way serves as an endorsement of InstaPundit.

Posted by notGeorge at April 21, 2004 04:15 PM

about those weblogs in other countries... oh shoot, here I am, link pimping again. Oh well. blogwise provides an extensive list of blogs by country.

you can slap me with a wet noodle now. :-)

Posted by: Cindy at April 21, 2004 08:05 PM

No noodle alappin' allowed! Read the signs. ;)

Posted by: notGeorge at April 21, 2004 08:48 PM

You're cracking me up here!

What can I say?--It was "Get Over Yourselves, A-Listers" day over at my place.

I don't think Jeff Jarvis is sexist. I just think he's a sorry old windbag. And I don't want no Citizen's Media Association, 'specially not if it's run by him.

We little bloggers can keep on keepin' on just fine without one, thanks very much. :)

Posted by: ilyka at April 21, 2004 09:47 PM

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