April 22, 2004

Never too late to assist good Ol' Mother Earth

OK, I did nothing yet for EARTH DAY! I meant to do so, but I didn't. It is late. Thanks to Denny, I found Yahoo's Earth Day page. What follows is taken directly from the Yahoo! Earth Day page. The list was too well done and the items contained therein too important for me not to share, that I felt it was only fair use that I just copy their script, complete with links, and give it a good home. Thank you Yahoo! for having collected up a great list of 10 things we can all do:

Save the world in a day

1Drink coffee
But do so in a reusable mug. Styrofoam cups can stay in landfills for 500 years.
2Brush your teeth and shave
But turn off the faucet. It may sound soothing, but an open faucet lets about five gallons of water flow every two minutes.
3Go to work
Bring a carpool buddy and save money and time. Feeling social? Take public transportation. If not, telecommute.
4Go through your mail
Take yourself off junk-mail lists. Incredibly, 100 million trees are ground up each year to produce junk mail.
5Play the stock market
Invest in a socially responsible mutual fund, or in a company that's kind to the environment.
6Raise your hand
Volunteer for a local chapter of an environmental group. It's fun, and you'll find power in numbers.
7Go shopping
Take your own bag. This is a biggie. If every American refused to use plastic bags, we'd save 12,000,000 barrels of oil each year.
8Eat dinner
Then toss the scraps in a compost bin. If your city doesn't take away compost, start a compost pile. Your plants will love you for it.
9Take off your clothes
Buy a few degrees on your AC's thermostat, and make parties more fun.
10Turn out the lights
If every household replaced an incandescent bulb with a fluorescent, it would be like eliminating the pollution from a million cars.

Posted by notGeorge at April 22, 2004 10:46 PM

If you just read the headers, I do almost all those things!

If you have to comply with the fine print, I do use a mug--I hate friggin' styrofoam--and am wearing gym shorts and a tank top as I speak with the AC set on 80.

Posted by: James Joyner at April 23, 2004 03:42 PM

I drink from a reusable cup, modify my clothing to save electricity, volunteer at the zoo to assist endangered animals, try to keep as many lights off as possible, don't play stocks at all, would love to stop every piece of junk mail received, and actually have instituted a water savings plan. I don't eat enough at home to compost, but recycle leftovers as dog food which is, in turn, automatically converted to lawn fertilizer. ;) I do need to do something about those bags. I actually am not even fond of those plastic bags anyway.

Posted by: notGeorge at April 23, 2004 04:13 PM