May 04, 2004

The return of the Prodigal Category

Wow, kangaroos have no belly buttons.

Female marsupials have no placenta:
Therefore, no umbilical cord; therefore, no "belly button."
So that begs the question as to what Kang does when he wants to contemplate his homeless existence, huh? I mean surely there is no one out there that really misses all those stupid kangaroo pictures he used to post, when he posted anything, which seemed to be seldom. Heck, if Madfish Willie had not propped him up, and given him a job givin' the really awful punchline to some really bad jokes in a dark corner of the saloon, he would not have been able to pay Pixy the rent anyway.

So, really, tell me, which would you rather see on a nightly basis, some stupid kangaroo picture or some insightful introspective look at my day? I am waitin', as is the navel, who had indicated that he will not reveal his location until the situation is fully known. That navel is a good soldier, you have to give him that. Navel, soldier, hmmm, somehow that seems odd. I need to sit here and stare off into space at no certain thing in particular and mull that over. Well, while I do that, let's end tonight's inanity, what do ya say? End of report.

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