May 08, 2004

Farcical phraseology™

. . . or why I watch Saturday morning cartoons.

So anyway, I was watchin' this show called Filmore and the characters were sayin' the word "frisco" here and there, as if it was communicatin' some secret message. I assumed it was a part of our ever growin' American vernacular ... and I do like to keep up on such things. So, any one got a clue as to what the term "frisco" is intended to communicate to another person? I know, I know, I am an ol' Fogey* and that is like yesterday. Just lay the 411 on me.

*Does that connote** that I smell like an cheap cigar?***

**Whose meaning was previously overlooked.

***Never mind ... I had it mixed up with rank stogie [var. stogy].

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