May 17, 2004

Is there anythin' new left to tell?

I have not seen too many people commentin' on these reports since I reinstated them. I used to think they were some of the favorite daily posts I did, but here lately, I am wonderin' if the hiatus killed the thrill or somethin'.

Ecosystem is still on the fritz, it seems, but my visitation numbers there are doin' well:

172) Abject Apathetic Procrastination 1031 visits/day (661)
I always like it when I am in the top 200 or so. That is about as high as I have ever attained.

Navel is well, or so I presume. It is so hot and humid, I cannot imagine why I am still wearin' this shirt, other than it is one of those I am too lazy to get comfortable situations that was once a topic of conversation on The Introverted Exhibitionist previously. Still, if my navel is as weary as the rest of me, especially my right arm which is achin' like all get-out right now, it is ready to go to bed. Even if not, I am hopeful it won't struggle too much in the efforts to urge it to accompany the rest of me on such venture. I am gonna presume it is unharmed and doin' well. End of report.

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I've pretty much quit checking the Ecosytem anymore. Bear doesn't have time to maintain it, it's down a lot, and there must be 15 bogus blogs in the top 50 that have the wrong URL and are getting credited for a million times their actual links, aren't blogs at all, or something.

Posted by: James Joyner at May 19, 2004 11:12 AM