May 25, 2004

As if men were not havin' enough problems already

Science finds another way to keep women happy without any need for a man to be around. Are men quickly becomin' an endangered species? Of course, then again, with this story originatin' out of India, which is quickly becomin' the most populous country in the world, keepin' men and women from bein' together havin' sex might be a genuinely good idea, after all.

Throwin' a cookie to Straight White Guy, although I am wonderin' if just thinkin' of it first really gives him the right to claim that title. There is actually more than one straight white guy in the world. ;) However, if there was solely only one, I think I have the actual rights to that title

Posted by Tiger at May 25, 2004 09:47 PM | TrackBack

...hmmmm.. well, personally speaking... I was surprised that the domain was on sale... I figured it was long gone... anyway, I guess I should agree that there are other SWGs... and, if you are one, you should probably go and buy a SWG tee-shirt from my Cafe Press site.. :) ...solidarity, Brother.. join the club...

...oh, and that chocolate thing?.. it's definitely a bad idea... unless they only sell it to us SWGs to give to our Ladies... one piece at a time...

Posted by: Eric at May 26, 2004 04:03 PM