August 18, 2004

Those Crazy Canucks, or Swift Justice in Greece

It appears that some idiot wearin' nuthin' but a tutu and some SPAM jumped into the pool Monday night durin' 'Lympic divin' competition and has already been found guilty and sentenced to 5 months in the Grecian hoosegow. He is free pendin' appeal, but if'n he tries to do that slammer time in the tutu he is liable to find out what is meant by doin' it the Greek way.

[Editors note: There does seem to be a bit of discrepancy between the two linked stories, but the snarkiness and inaneness of my havin' posted this blurb is not lackin' 'cause of it.]

Attribution goes to this guy or was it that guy? O' course, it might be that they are the same guy.* You decide, and while ya are doin' that, take a gander at this view of another Canadian who appears to actually be worthy of some extra attention.

*He knocked on my door once tryin' his fancy lines tryin' to sell me a barrel of that same, but I wasn't havin' none of it.

Posted by Tiger at August 18, 2004 06:13 PM