August 28, 2004

My idle thought upon facin' a new day

Do you awake each mornin' with a thought already in your head? I am sure you do, jes' as we all do. I mean, sure, there are those thoughtless people 'bout here and there, but even they are not actually thoughtless, they jes' didn't think to be the sort of person we expected them to be. I 'spect it is really rare that anyone could ever clear their mind of all thought. Despite my best attempts, I have never ever been able to completely have a blank mind, although, especially of late, I have had extreme periods where my mind is occupied with thoughts concernin' my inability to come up with whatever idea it was that I was drastically attemptin' to conceive. Anyway, now that I have prefaced with an over adequate explanation, let me share my initial thought of the day with you:

I awoke thinkin' of that women's 4x100 relay matter, where the USA team was disqualified due to a failure to properly hand off the baton, and I was thinkin' of the old catch phrase used on ABC's Wild World of Sports: the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. I thought surely that was a good example of the agony of defeat.

Now I never said I had a really profound thought in my head when I awoke. I do, however, have some really profound wakin' thoughts on occasions.

Posted by Tiger at August 28, 2004 09:08 AM