August 28, 2004

Wooohoooo! We're NUMBER THREE!!!!!!!!!!

Yep, the USA Men's Basketball Team finally all pulled their respective heads out of the their asses to win one they had to win. Yep, they amazin'ly and, in my patriotic stance, thankfully, whooped up enough on the Lithuanian team to have won the Bronze Medal. They still played pathetically poorly to be a group of actual professional players from the NBA, and while it is true that there are several NBA players on most of the other teams, we still invented the damn game and here we are supposedly puttin' up our best team in the 'Lympics, the regularly scheduled International Contest, so as to compete against the best teams from all the rest of the countries in the world and find ourselves comin' out in THIRD PLACE? The real question, I suppose, remains: will we ever know how it affects the Silver and Gold Medal winnin' teams to know that we didn't even bring close to the best team we could come up with to the contest because our NBA players are so selfish they don't consider the Olympics even worth the effort they might be required to put forth as jes' to represent their country. Not the players from the USA, that is.

I know 't'warn't Steven den Beste but 'twas den Beste I could do. Go ahead and groan. I did when I thunk it up.

Posted by Tiger at August 28, 2004 02:52 PM