August 30, 2004

Thank George for PBS!

Wow, ain't none of the stations I get usin' nuthin' but the rabbit ears* is carryin' the RNC 'cept PBS. I was thinkin' that nearly ever'one covered the DNC, so wondered if there is some left wing conspiracy to only cover one side of this 'lection. Anyone ever heared of such a crazy thang?

*I 'spect there are some younguns in the audience who actually have no idea as to what rabbit ears refer with regard to this discussion.

Posted by Tiger at August 30, 2004 10:12 PM

Me. Me. Me. I know. Look my hand is up. Can I answer the question.

I knows what Rabbit Ears are (apart from things that grow on rabbits).

Posted by: Ozguru at August 31, 2004 05:32 AM

Actually I thought all US households came with hot and cold running cable and about 750 cable channels.

Posted by: Ozguru at August 31, 2004 05:34 AM