September 01, 2004

Off the scale, jes' the wrong way

I dunno, it may have been the bizarre day I had today. Not that it was bad, or anythin', jes' one of those days where it came to an end and you found you did not accomplish ever'thin' you thought you would. In fact, you find the only thing on the days agenda that went exactly as you expected was havin' lunch at the Lion's Club meetin'. I had expected to get all of my monthly bills made out and mailed, or, at least as many as I could afford to pay. It could also be the two episodes of Smallville I jes' watched, it bein' such a very well made dark melodrama program, it kinda dampens my otherwise dank feelin's as the day winds down. I jes' seem to have no creativity within my head at the moment, and, as I am leanin' toward makin' an early night of it, I might not have anythin' all that interestin' to share. As such, I felt it was proper to present this report at the current time. I know it ain't nuthin' of substance, but it least it is here.

The navel is agape and static at it current position right in the midst of my Buddha belly. End of report.

Posted by Tiger at September 1, 2004 09:12 PM